Nite owl specials for late night shoppers. Hanuman & Garud. Pix (maybe) and deals.

Mar 5, 1999

The bottom one is what you're getting, about 20 inches and two pounds of excellence made by none other than our master of fullered blades, Sanu. You get the five little tools rather than only the karda & chakma which are 7 inches and real users and have carved hatchmarked handles. It's a 10/10 effort by Sanu and our Newari carver has done a very decent job with the handle. Scabbard made and tooled by the sarki with on name. The only thing I can find wrong with this entire rig is the pocket for the chakma is tight but it's an easy one to stretch a little.

For those who don't get into the forum until late we will deliver this perfect rig to your door for $145. Call or email if interested.


And here's the Garud. The only difference between the one is the pix and the one you'll be getting is the one in the pix is brass mounted. Yours will be SILVER mounted with improved carving and it's made by our very popular Durba. It's another about 20 inches and two pounds of excellence. For a review of this Garud read Walosi's posts.

Same deal for you late niters on this one. We will deliver it to your door for $145, fifty bucks off regular.

Call or email if interested.

We appreciate the night owls.
Uncle Bill's taunting me!!! :D :D :D

I had an email half written, then I decided it was far to reckless since my next two paychecks are taken in bills. :(
Onkel Bill, you have mail :)

Go for it Bob! You'll have a college degree for the rest of your life, how often does a deal like this come around?

Living vicariously through you ;) :D
I wouldn't worry about the language barrier - all the Sanu-made blades I own (and, for this matter, all HI blades) talk to me in a very clear and simple language (their talking basically centers around the simple phrase: "No matter how pretty I am, I am a user!). Besides, for some strange reasons I am absolutely unable to explain, Sanu's work seems to "connect" to me better than the work of other Kamis.
Bob & Co. almost took the Garud but I talked them out of it for now.

Anton, you are getting a beautiful user but it is as Wal has warned, carving can be damaged but it's going to be hard to do on this one.
Ohhh, the pain...

A silver mounted Garud! Perfect for fighting Vampires and such. I'll have to add this to the list of things to get once I'm rich and famous...

Alan (fighting temptation on every front)

Bella called me on the phone, while I was looking at the Nightowl special. I had decided I can wait before buying anything, but I told her about the Garud.... She wanted it, but wasn't near a computer at the time. So, I entered into negotiations for her. Uncle Bill didn't think it was too bright of an idea for me to do so, and it is kinda like a poor person paying off another poor person's debt. I think Uncle Bill realized that my money should be going to buying tires for my car, <i>stupid 205 60 R15 wheelsize means tires will cost about $300.</i>

Isn't it funny what a pair of young ***s can do to a perfectly rational person, even when you know that they are spoken for??? :D
Happens to the best.

If you're lucky or smart, no more than twice.

Never claimed to be either, myself.
I don't think Berk has seen this thread yet or the Garud would be gone. He's like me, busy trying to salvage pix that Photopoint trashed for us.
but oh lordy the IRS refund arrived and I'm solvent again...
ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGH!!!!! !@@#$#@#!@!!! :D

I cant believe I missed the Hanuman!!!

Man, you unplug for the weekend, and look at what you miss out on...