Nite owl specials for late night shoppers. Hanuman & Garud. Pix (maybe) and deals.

Weekend my Great Aunt Gertrude :eek:

I've said the same thing after a 15-minute nap.
The Hanuman arrived today. Great Knife! The fullers are excellently done by Sanu, and the hardening, blade geometry and balance are great, too. The Karda is a nice and usable little knife, and together with the other tools (I still have to find out what some of them are good for), the sheath looks somewhat like a “Swiss Army Scabbard”. The handle is very nicely carved, but too thick for my hands, so I am not yet sure if this Khukuri ever will see some “action”, or if it will find a new home on the walls of my living room. If I’ll ever get an idea on how to fit the handle to my hand size so that I can really control the blade, I’ll post a review. But even now, without having worked with the blade, I really like it!
Thanks for initial report, Anton. I hope that Falcata shows up soon! I'm getting a little nervous about it.
Onkel Bill, when did you mail the Falcata? The Hanuman took eleven days to arrive here with USPS Int'l Air Mail. The fastest parcel reached me after only six days, the slowest took over two weeks.