No Christmas Knife for My Guy

Dec 3, 2000
I think I'll just give my guy a bad time for Christmas. I haven't been able to make a decision on the knife yet. And since Christmas is coming up quickly - I decided to give myself enough time to select the knife that I REALLY want him to have and not just pick one that seems to be okay. I guess I want to "know" that it's the right knife. So he will get the knife for Valentine's Day. That gives me alot more time to get even more confused! I found myself clenching my teeth by the end of work today trying to decide which knife to get. I even called and talked to Roger and he made a few more suggestions. It just didn't feel right to just pick one. At least the pressure is off to try and get one by Christmas!

Funny knife story - thanks to all the help from you all. I had to stop by the house of the boss who had given me my knife, and while I was there I reminded him that he was going to let me borrow another knife catalog so I could look through it. He brought it out and I looked at the cover and said, "Hey, that's a Benchmade 940!" Needless to say, both he and his wife were impressed! I was shocked at myself. But I guess it shows that I have been doing my research, huh?

well,what will the knife be for? a user? gents knife? tactical? you want a single blade or more than one? serrated or plain? drop point,tanto?what kind of steel?clip or no clip?

lots of people here to help out.just tell us what you need,and you'll get your knife.

good luck,
Get him one for XMAS and one for Valentine. IMHO that would make him real happy. There I go again thinking about what would make me happy.
Believe it or not you probally have it a little bit easier then my wife. She's trying to find a knife that I would like for Christmas, and I don't get to make suggestions, she also has to figure out what not to give me that I already have. Which is quite a few.
Well, I'm sure he will be delighted with whatever you get him, being that it will have had a lot of thought and love put into it. Goodluck and Happy Holidays to both of you.
1) Pick up a 940 (you KNOW you want to!)

2) On valentines day you can get him a cool sharpening rig. That means in January you can ask us what the best sharpening gear to get is and we can go through all of this again!

"Come What May..."
It's not to late for Christmas...



Trust no one...
Judy - If you can find a knife store in your area it would be much easier for you to find a knife you really like. It's hard to tell exactly what a knife looks or feels like from a picture on a screen; it's hard to know you made a good decision buying a knife you haven't held yet. Try to find a knife store and look around. The perfect knife might just jump out at you.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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Hello Judy!

Hey, howse' about a knife gift certificate?
It would be like giving a kid a couple of bucks and telling him to go buy his favorite candy at the shop!

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Hey Judy,

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Don't let us knife knuts pressure you. Take your time and ease yourself into it. Us knife knuts like to exert a little peer pressure because we really like knives and we want to share our enthusiasm.
Eventually you will become one (I have no doubt about this.
) and then you will not be thinking about A knife but about kniVes. Hope you find what you are looking for...eventually.
There are many Christmas's ahead.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.

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I think the gift certificate is a great idea! Than you can have it engraved later, with more of an idea of what to say after you see his reaction to it, sometimes a guy all ready has his own preconceived notion of exactly what he wants, it will be even a better gift from your heart, once you explain all the trouble you went through just for him.
I thought for a second there you might have been my Judy trying to tell me something!
Wadda ya mean NO KNIFE for Christmas???
And they say Jim Carey is the Grinch!
Judy, you big tease you, I don't care about your boyfriend he'll like whatever you get him, he didn't know he was supposed to get a knife. But, us poor KnifeKnuts are waiting for your decision, and what do we get is a we'll see you in Feb.

Very nice.
Judster, I'm more of a romantic. If my wife was in your shoes (perhaps pumps, stilleto heels, thin ankle strap or chain), we would make a day of it. No sterile gift certificate, but we'd hit the knife store, a romantic dinner, and then maybe an evening in a luxury hotel playing 'dull the Spydie.' It would be an adventure that your beau would relive in his mind every time he used his knife.--OKG
Hi there Judy,
Don't worry about buying the "romantic knife" for Xmas. You wanted this to be just the right gift and now the pressure of Xmas draws near and you are going to make a rash decision that you may not be happy with.

Besides, that'll just give 'ya more time to save some more money and then you can get what you really want.

In the meantime, hang around here, talk knives, and research for that Valentine's knife.

--The Raptor--
Now you're in trouble Judy. I don't think I can recall ever seeing anyone post here about Not buying a knife.

First we turned you into a knife knut, then everyone fell in love with you, you learned a lot about knives, and Now, you have turned your back on us!

Do what you need to do Judy. I am sure almost any knife you were to select now, after all the advice and web searching you have done, will be the right knife. Surely there are one or two that appeal to you more than the others. Just make a selection and be done with it. It will be the right decision. No worries. Be happy.

Merry Christmas Judy!

Paracelsus, twisting Judy's arm a little
geez....... you guys are heartless! And fickle too. You fall in love with me one day, and then 7 days later you just give me the ol' heave-ho because I didn't want to made the wrong decision. Phooey on you!
(tee hee hee......)

So you guys are saying that you have NEVER vascillated between two knives, huh? And when the pressure was on..... you have never decided to wait and make sure you made the best choice? Yeah....right!

And here I was going to start looking at buying a knife for MY collection......while I saved up to buy whichever knife I pick for my Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love. But nooooooooo.... my new KnifeKnuts Buddies have NO patience.

And then this morning driving to work I decided on a nice compromise knife that I was going to get him for Christmas that I felt comfortable getting...... The December 2000 BM 330 (blue). Sentimental AND romantic (the month/year etched on the blade) and one of the knives I was considering. So I was going to call BM to find a dealer I could buy one from (maybe I still will.)

So what happens today? I had to come up with $300 today (which I had not anticipated having to pay until the end of the month) for the 1st payment on my new truck. I bought my Dodge Dakota Sport (Red, of course) Nov 10. I was told my first payment would be in 45 days.... which took me just about to the end of December. I hadn't received any payment information so I called today and was informed my payment was 2 days late. What the f--k was this ****. I was not happy.

Okay. That is my mental place today.

now, if you will all calm down...... maybe you can help me some more with this Christmas knife thing.

I REALLY like the BM 940. I also like the BM 330. and what Jason (aka medusaoblongata)said in his post really was part of my dilemma. I have not handled any of these knives, I have NO IDEA how they feel. I haven't even seen them in person. Just pictures on the internet and in one catalog. I like the 940 but was questioning whether it is sorta big.... and on the 330 I was not sure about the split material handle. (A woman thing, I'm sure). decisions, decisions, decisions. That's when I decided that the December 2000 BM 330 would work for a first knife - small enough and I think the handle was solid blue - which I liked.

So now that you have all broken my heart by so readily casting me aside because I was overwhelmed with making the right choice..... you have left me no choice but to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head, and cry. Forsaken by my new friends. And I thought it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

(do you feel guilty for picking on me yet? I hope so.)

Raptor - thank you for your post. You voiced my feelings exactly.

and OKG....... I think you and I should go knife hunting together! I have black 4" stilletto's....... tee hee hee.....

So, here are my three choices:

1. the 940 (are you sure it's not too big for office attire pockets?)

2. the 330 regular

3. the 330 12/00 December knife with blue handle

I just don't know how he feels about a pocket knife and if the 940 is too big of a pocket knife for his first knife - I don't want to get him a knife that he might not feel comfortable carrying. Does that make sense to any of you KnifeKnuts?

And I'm not sure if you all need to redeem yourself with me..... or if I need to do the redeeming.......

(helpless female look....... "help!")

judy the prodigal knifester
I go crawl under rock now.
I leave you with my thoughts on the knives chosen. Both fall under a gentlemen's folder in my opinion. But I feel the 940 is a little more towards the tactical side. So if you think he wants something more low key. I would go with the 330. The 940 definitely has more of a neato look though. If your not sure how he will feel about carrying a knife. I would go for the 330, it cost less, but still looks nice and you can get the 940 later if he really likes the 330 (which I'm sure he will).
Sorry if us knife knuts pressured you, we just want to make you both happy. I hope you can forgive us. It was all with good intentions. Is this shifting the guilt thing working.
you can come out from under the rock now. The shifting the guilt thing worked!

Is it too funky to go with the Knife of the Month BM330? It sort of appeals to me because the handle is one piece, blue (which I know he likes), PLUS it has the month and year etched on it, which would always be there as a reminder of when he got his first knife from me.......

That's a pretty cool idea, had my eye on that one myself. It is definitely a nice lookin knife.
The fact that those are limited in their numbers is pretty cool too.
I'm glad you were able to forgive us.