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Discussion in 'Canada' started by t.willy, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. t.willy


    Mar 31, 2016
    Hello Knife Knuts I've got a stunningly well made Reate Pocket knife up for sale tonight. It's the Kerby Lambert Designed Crossroads a Titanium Bolster lock made with Green G10 inserts and dual anodized custom pivots Reate had made by Ti Connector. The rest of the specs are.
    Blade Steel - M390
    Blade length 3.54"
    Handle length 4.72"
    O.A.L. 8.27"
    Blade thickness 0.157"
    Weight 5.29 ounces
    I prefer to sell but I might be interested in a (Reate) Leon Mah Lanny's clip even trade.
    The knife comes with the pouch /extra hardware and everything else included at the time of purchase. I can tell you this knife has outstanding action and a perfectly dialed in detent at a level of refinement I've never owned before and that's all true but if you want to hear from someone you know is well versed in the study of all things sharp and pointy all you need to do is go to YouTube and surch this knife. There's several great Reviews by well known Reviewers like Dr Frunkey / Eugene Kwon / Luvthemknives and Kevin Cleary. This knife sells for $485 Canadian after including shipping in the USA. As you can imagine it's even more here in Canada. It's $630 CND at Blades Canada (Warriors & Wonders ) and anywhere between $500 - $600 CND on Ebay I was asking $395 but now I've lowered it to $325CND THIS IS AS LOW AS I WILL GO PERIOD. It was described as very lightly carried by original owner. It truly looks unused to me I can't find a mark on it and I never did anything but flip it a few dozen times myself. :) Also I've got many excellent photos for you to check for yourself including one with today's date I snapped to show I actually got the knife. The first person to say I'll take it usually gets the knife. However in case of some unforseen issues I reserve the right to sell to whomever I wish. You can send payment to me through PayPal Or if I know you or your well known on BladeForums we can probably do an E Transfer if that works better for you. If you use a payment that doesn't cost me fees the shipping is on me. My Email address is [email protected] you can reach me there or PM me here at BladeForums.com for any questions or concerns related to the knife. As always thank you for your interest. PS

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  2. knarfeng

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    Jul 30, 2006
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