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Notice!! A Black Jack!!

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by waynorth, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. waynorth

    waynorth Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Nov 19, 2005
    Waynorth Cutlery Black Jack 1.jpg is coming out with a heavy duty Jack, almost a Jumbo Jack, 3 7/8" long!!:eek:
    It will have the traditional format of Clip main and Pen secondary. It will have swedges, a long pull, bolsters, caps and Gabon Ebony handles, and a banner shield!
    The maker (guess who??:)) says later November for delivery to dealers!
    Talk to your favorite purveyor of fine cutlery!! It will be a while before we have a picture to look at, so check back once in a while!! I think you'll like this knife; I can't wait!!:cool:
  2. gunstockjack

    gunstockjack Mid-low tech sexagenarian. Gold Member

    May 14, 2011
    Charlie that will be outstanding!!! Can't wait to get my grubby fingers on one of 'em. :cool::thumbsup::cool::thumbsup::cool:
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  3. ddavis


    Jan 17, 2018
    Nice! Sounds like a winner!
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  4. HotGuts

    HotGuts Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 1, 2016
    How would I get on the list for one of these?
  5. Norcaldude

    Norcaldude Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 19, 2014
    Sounds like a winner.
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  6. waynorth

    waynorth Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Nov 19, 2005
    With apologies, I will not sell or negotiate these, according to the Bladeforums rules!! You all must talk to your private dealers about obtaining this or any knife on here!! There a lot of good dealers out there!!
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  7. Travman

    Travman Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 26, 2016
    That sounds rather handsome. I can’t wait to see one.

    I hope it has a satin finished blade. It is easier to take good pictures with a satin blade.
  8. herder

    herder Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 24, 2007
    Fantastic!!! The wait begins.......
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  9. knowtracks

    knowtracks Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 16, 2006
    I am also looking forward! :D

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  10. Cutfinger

    Cutfinger Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Aug 3, 2017
    Mark side pen?

    Look forward to seeing these. Good stuff Charlie!
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  11. Matt_WY

    Matt_WY Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 30, 2018
    Sounds fantastic Charlie, the banner shield will be perfect with ebony on the 86 frame.
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  12. KellyGlanzer

    KellyGlanzer Gold Member Gold Member

    May 4, 2005
    Very exciting Charlie. I'll be waiting in anticipation for this one :)
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  13. Onearmbladenut

    Onearmbladenut Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 19, 2018
    I tried contacting Northwest twice. I guess it aint meant to be. I'll just buy an oily creek and an oil sucker rod wood #86 instead. Now if it was African Blackwood , I would make a phone call. "I aint working this hard tomorrow !" Baw-ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! I love my #93 Charlie peach seed lambs foot knife. I was late getting on a pre-order on that one. I spotted 7+ Charlie Lambs foot knives on Gunstock Jacks, 12:30AM. I decided to pass. I contacted all the FB knife groups and knife forums on the web. I went to bed and the knives were all sold. I received 4 thank you's for the "Heads up !" Later that evening , I received an invoice from Northwest Knife Company. Northwest had a cancellation on the #93 Charlie peach seed knife. I was so tickled , I did not care about the extra $5 charge. I snagged it. A true blessing from God. It was meant to be. I am hoping for a Blade Forum #86 knife. If I fail on that , I'll try again on the Charlie #86 knife. I got that #86 oily creek bone pre-order. I'll be happy and thankful regardless. (10/29/2019 -11.30PM - purchase complete on a 2019 Forum African Blackwood knife) I believe that I have to buy a Charlie #86 Jack knife now. If I don't ,I know I will be sorry. This Charlie ebony #86 jack knife will look cute with my #97 Ebony knife. (10:20am --10/31/2019) I HAVE THE #86 OILY CREEK BONE , BLOODWOOD , AND THE BLACK JACK CHARLIE KNIFE ON PRE-ORDER ! I AM GOOD TO GO !!!
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
  14. AnW

    AnW Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 15, 2019
    Sounds sweet! Just when I promised my wife no more knives until after Christmas:rolleyes::thumbsup:
  15. Onearmbladenut

    Onearmbladenut Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 19, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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  16. waverave

    waverave Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 7, 2018
    Exciting! I can't wait to see how they turn out :):thumbsup:
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  17. waynorth

    waynorth Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Nov 19, 2005
    So, I am 95% certain it will have a satin-finished blade, Travman, and there is a list of dealers on my much-neglected website;:rolleyes:
    Also, the pen works well on the Mark side with a Clip Main!:)
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  18. Campbellclanman

    Campbellclanman Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    I can almost see it now! Another great creation eh Charlie! :thumbsup:
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  19. JohnDF

    JohnDF Gold Member Gold Member

    May 14, 2018
    Sounds like another winner from one of our favorite knife designers.
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  20. Jody744

    Jody744 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 8, 2009
    You had me at swedges, but ebony takes the cake!!! What is the #86 pattern, I can’t keep up...
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