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OAB on a 110/2

Feb 7, 2006
Has anyone had a One Armed Bandit (OAB) fail on a 110, 112, or any other knife for that matter?

The reason I ask is that I've used 'em for about a year without fail. It's amazing, to me, that the tiny thing hangs on so well.

Some may not know what a OAB is until they see it and then go "Oh, that thing"...so here is a pic of it. It's the doo-hickey on the 110 BP CPM154.

Pics of those that may have been struck by a Claymore mine...that's another thread. :rolleyes:

the only ones i have are factory threaded into the blade so no troubles there
but even the aftermarket ones thet clamp onto the blade would take a lot of force to dislodge as long as they were tight
Pics of those that may have been struck by a Claymore mine...that's another thread. :rolleyes:

Goose if I didn't know better I'd think you'da put this comment in just to entice and tempt;) :p :D ;)...but since I know you would never, ever do anything like that I'll look forward to that thread:cool: ;) :cool:. Preston
I never tried one on a 110, but I did put one on a BIG Katz folder once, never came off until I took it off.
Thanks BM10, Mr. P., TLC, and Jim for your comments.
Was just thinking about it as I was switiching the OAB from my Golden Eye to the Koa 110. These things have never failed me. And more impressively, the suckahs stay where ya put 'em.

And, no, Preston...I'm not trolling :) It's a sincere inquiry from a curious mind. (and I nothing but sincere LOL :rolleyes: )
If I was looking for a quick hit regarding descruction it would've been a question about MOP scales ;)
If I was looking for a quick hit regarding descruction it would've been a question about MOP scales ;)

i know you guys dont like em but i still want one (mop) :D would you still call it a pimps knife if it was black pearl ? :p :D
lol pimpman thats kinda catchy :D and just think of the spiffy knives i could afford then :p :D
as for the pink it has its place but not on a knife:D
yes if i could get black pearl it would be nice and i would share pics
im still waiting on my buffalo damascus i have seen the new buffalo and the damascus people have gotten but not both together so i am anxious to see how it turned out:thumbup:
That sounds very neat!! I look forward to pics of that one!!!!!!!!!!!!
N/S bolsters???

yup its ns for me from now on (i never have cared for the brass)

i have the bcci 501 with damascus bolsters and i really like that someday i hope thhey offer that for the 110
I like a OAB on the 110, it really makes it easier to use.
I have to admit that I must have missed the thread about MOP. So woudl this be a bad place to mention that one of my favorite 110's is nickle silver, finger grooved, mirror polished, MOP? :rolleyes:
I think it looks cool! There, I said it! I feel so much better now...
No, I would never actually use it, dont be daft man!
I have never tried one on a 110 either, I would like to but have yet to find one for the right price. Being that the 110 blade isn't very tall does it hinder the use of the full blade? Also at the pivot point where you have it does it open easily Goose? I never use the nail nick on my 110's but do love the thumb stud on my Buck 882, crosslock, alpha hunter/dorado, and tempest.
Right price? Jim, they're like $4.
As for being in the way...yeah I guess it could be. Because I have it as far back as practical to keep it away from the edge sweep by being closer to the bolster. It does require a bit more force as the leverage point is different from where it would be optimal for blade extraction...that being just ahead of the tang.

I have attached pics to show how close the OAB is to the bolster when closed and during extraction on a 110. There actually is space between the OAB and 110 when closed and even when the blade is pushed in...don't want the OAB to gouge the 110 bolster. Also pics showing it dressing my game.

On a diff note, the BG-42 was able to dress this piece of meat in its entirety w/o needing to be resharpened. Literally sliced the pig paper thin (as seen in the last pic).

I have to admit that I must have missed the thread about MOP...
No worries Joe. It's a comment of destruction related to another thread where a 110 was stepped on by my ex-mother in law.

Can you open a 110 one-handed with a OAB?
Yes Messy. I couldn't imagine using a 110 or 112 without one :) :thumbup:


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...Jim...You ever been to Neuske's in Wittenberg just south of Antigo?...Best smoked beef or venison sausages in the state...I make my own too but these guys are some kine artists with meat and a smoke house...:thumbup:
Goose... Did you cut that spam with that custom 110
NS-FG-BG-42 with pins and Koa ?
Thats a Man!