OAB on a 110/2

Hey Jim...
That's a bummer that they're out.
Here's another place I found that has 'em that fit up to a 3/16th...better than the slop you'd get on a 3/8th I'm sure...BUT I have never ordered one from these cats and they're like $8.


Messersmith...the link above also has a drawing of how it opens one handed. (though you won't get a recent 110 to "flick" open...it will open one handed, but not like a gravity knife)
Very important to slice up and prep that piginacan quickly to retain it's freshness.
Goose... Did you cut that spam with that custom 110
NS-FG-BG-42 with pins and Koa ?
Thats a Man!

Yes Jeff...the 110NS FG HeeBeeGeeBee-42 tangled with the piginacan.
Porky put up a good fight.
Ended up in the pan and on a slice of white with Miracle Whip.
OAB, one armed bandit, I thought that was the new name for a gas pump!

SMKW is still out of them.

Any good leads on a place with them for a fair price?

Guy on Ebay has a lot of 6 of them but wants $36 or so and they are all the same size. Wouldn't mind buying 6 if they were not all the same.