Oaxaca Bowie and Thai Enep CHEAP!

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Jan 3, 2006

This is a very well made Oaxaca Bowie style knife with a top quality sheath. Not the usual tourist junk you see on eBay. Very solid knife. Acid etched designs on both sides with a high polished finish. Fine sawteeth on clip and bottle opener at choil are both functional, blade is very sharp. Excellent unused condition... appears to have sat in a safe for decades. I believe this one is 1970s vintage. Some light patina on the brass from where it contacted the retention strap. This would make a really nice gift for someone, or could be used as a light duty camping knife.

Thai Enep is rough forged villiager style. Has been very lightly used trimming back the landlady's rose bushes a few times. Sheath is low quality and needs to be restitched where the blade cut through. A good tough working blade. Should be resharpened before use.

Asking only $50 for the pair, which includes shipping and is a great deal. You could probably resell the Oaxaca on eBay for double that. Do not want to separate, basically throwing in the Enep for free. CONUS only.
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