Obsessive compulsive knife disorder

My favorite knife is always the one I`m about to get.That is human nature. we evolve from hunter-gatherers[those of us that actually evolved,that is] and this is normal.Different people apply this desire in different ways,from shotglasses to antique autos.I`m glad I picked knives because it allows me to commune with really great people.If I`m sick,may I never get better.
Be Sharp
From Ivan: 6-30-99 708PM EDT Am I crazy?I am waiting on three more knives: a R. Dalton Serpent, a Kershaw Wirlwind, and CS El Hombre and Recon Tanto. (miscounted by one). And 2 weeks ago I bought a BM 910sbt and raded my 7500 BM(hated to do it but like clips) for a BMStryker Auto9100. Blade forum semms to feed knife desire!
Hi Greg!
I also try to limit myself to buy only one a month and so far it worked: but then there came the carnivoure and the BFN.

PS: I also feel the need for more.
I envy all you guys! Seeing as how I have no source of income, I can't possibly purhcase more than one knife every couple of months! Poor me...
I've been limiting myself to one every month or so. I'm waiting on a Pioneer and SOCOM that should arrive later this week. I thought my wife was going to freak when I told her. My buying has now been put on HOLD. I'll give her a couple of weeks....
Too many knives = when the foundation finally give way and the place drops into a sinkhole.

At least when they finally send us to a treatment center we will be in good company.
Whaddaya mean I have no life -- I have a modem don't I???

-Cougar Allen :{)
1 knife a month (well maybe 1 good knife a month) What the heck we could have (and probably do)have worse hobbies.