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Official SURVIVE! picture thread

Jul 14, 2014
Post your SURVIVE! knife pictures here!

I'd like this thread to have 2 purposes:

1. Show off your SURVIVE! knives! Show us your newest acquisition or show us your whole collection. Show off a modification. Put up some pics of your GSO or SK doing some hard work or looking pretty.

2. Help us see the SURVIVE! line up in all it's glory and educate us on what is out there. To accomplish this, please give us some text describing what we're looking at. Which model and options did you order? What color and material are the handle scales? What steel is the knife? Did you get a custom sheath or make mods? Is this something you just received or is it part of an expired series?

Show us what ya got and have fun!
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This is my GSO 5.1 in 3V, with brown canvas micarta handle scales. It has a bow drill divot and ferro rod notch.

I had a Sagewood Gear PRS Deluxe Scout Sheath made for it.


Here's a shot of my 4.1
Red & Black G10

Couple of pics of the GSO-10 before I traded it to forum user "Tonyinomaha"



Well I received my Christmas present to my self this weekend! I love my new 3.5 and necker II. Here is a new family photo. GSO as follows 10,7/7,4.1,3.5. Necker II, and Necker. I only need to get the 5.1 and I think the family will be complete.

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Silver Needle, it sure is. It's the flat dark earth DLC. I am a little sad Guy is not using the DLC coating, I really wanted the 5.1 with the same coating. It has held up great. I'll tell you the true I'm not sure if I need the 5.1 as the 7/7 is just about perfect. I carry the 7/7 on my belt and the 4.1 on my pack. I have found with those two you have everything covered.
The 7/7 looks awesome. I bet that plus your 4.1 cover everything you need. The 7/7 seems to be a little more rare, at least I don't see pics of them as often. Glad to hear you enjoying yours!
I use the 7/7 the most. Excellent bushcraft blade. I've barely used the gso-10 since purchasing the 7/7.
Funny thing is I'm a mechanic for Toyota and I've had customers literally think I was that guy. If only I got paid like that guy.
Congrats Poromenos! The 4.1 was my first S!K as well. What type of steel did you choose? Did you get the bow drill divot and fire notch options?
LOL Speedy , that's too funny !

Congrats Poromenos , I've been eyeing the 4.1 for quite a while now (need to do something about that) ;)

Anyway , it's been posted in another thread , but here's my small family pic . The GOS 5 and the Necker II . Once the Xmas rush is over I hope to get out snowshoeing and get some pics of the knives in action .

Congrats Poromenos! The 4.1 was my first S!K as well. What type of steel did you choose? Did you get the bow drill divot and fire notch options?

Thanks! This is actually a GSO 4.1 factory second in 3V with jimping, no bow divot or fire notch, with black and OD green G10. What's amazing is I've gone over it 100 times and can't find a damn thing wrong with it. I'm honestly expecting Guy to give me a ring any day now and tell me I need to send it back because they sent me a "normal" 4.1 instead of a Factory Second. :D I'll post some better pictures once his damn thing lets me.