Official SURVIVE! picture thread

From my phone I click on the icon that looks like 3 dots with 2 lines connecting them to make a sideways V then this pops up.

Then I press "copy link to clipboard".

Then when I get these options I pick IMG

Interestingly enough I'm posting these pics with imgur because I prefer it on my phone.
Thanks for the help, i got it to work. I was doing exactly what you were but i was posting the link using the forum tools and apparently it didn't like that.... so here we go with my original 4.1

Getting ready for a weekend camping, i took more that weren't pictured. i dont travel light haha

My custom necker 2 done by me

And the king my gso 10 cutting up about 30 lbs of ribeye
Thanks guys and yeah thats the camo micarta. I got a set of ghost jade g10 for it it one point but it just didnt seem right so i swapped them back. Its funny because i love the ghost jade on my new 5.1. Im actual using it right now to build a fire soooo more pics haha
Its my friends cabin, its been in his family for 3 generations. We've been going up there for the past 20 + years. We go up several times a year but always for the 4th and we have 2nds giving where we all go up and smoke a turky on black friday. No running water, but it has an outhouse and an outdoor pump. No heat and no cell service. Its great. The fire pit got washed out over the weekend so we had to get creative

And heres the smoker we made

Classic Hong Kong rooftop skyline. Caught this picture when I was trapped in my hotel in Hong Kong with these fine tools last month. They were supposed to go explore the Plover Cove Country Park with me until heavy rain hit Hong Kong after Typhoon Merbok.
Does anyone have a side by side pic of a 4.7 next to a 5.1? I'm trying to gauge the differences in size between the two! Thanks in advance...