OK..Collecting or for Use Survey

Nov 16, 1998
Many of my knife buddies collect knives strictly for collecting (for fun), not really for using. I on the other hand collect knives for both. I always buy more than one at a time for this reason, to collect, and to use.

I like the overall construction, the thought of what goes into a knife, and the cosmetics of them as well as their values for collecting reasons. For using, I look for a tough, large, sharp, easy to maintain, easy to access, well fit for the hand, and edge holding abilities along with good rust retention.

Who only buys knives for collecting purposes only, for using only, or for both reasons like myself? What intrigues you if it is just for collecting & what do you look for in a knife if your reasons are for using?

I have a good hunch, but I will reframe from disclosing what I think the majority buys knives for, at least for now.

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Addition: I guess I should have also included if anyone purchases knives for self defense, only. Forgot to mention this part becuase I don't buy knives for this purpose!
< Doug >

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I guess I "collect knives I use", if that makes sense.

I would never, ever, buy a knife I couldn't or wouldn't use, and I wouldn't keep a knife I didn't like to use. But some of these knives become "precious" to me, and if they are no longer made or available, I start to carry them less, and simply admire them more. Eventually it sits with the other knives I carry or have carried, and depending on how "precious" it is, I may carry/use it rarely or only on particular occasions.

Does that make any sense? :)

I am always searching for a better knife for work or to use, but I enjoy collecting them more so. Not so much for the value, but for the knives themselves. I JUST LIKE KNIVES!

I'm not hooked as much as you are Mark (Doug), but if I keep hanging around here, I will probably get just as badly hooked!



I don't "collect" knives; I accumulate them, as a natural consequence of always being on the lookout for something better. I, like ThomasH, do not buy knives I would not carry and use.
I do both. Also I collect for the pure enjoyment of having the knives, not for investment purposes. I have fantasy pieces adorning my walls as well as a butterfly knife collection of discontinued brands and unusual designs. The same goes for the autos I have. Prefer to view my knives, like a painting then to have them locked away in a safe deposit box.

Of course thats just me.

I am definitely a user and not really a collector. The only time I collect knives is when they are discontinued or about to be discontinued; I want a backup in case I lose or break my using knife. I never want to buy a knife that I would be afraid to use.


I have recently come across this "problem" too. A little while ago, I bought a M2 plain edge Mini-AFCK. Over in the Benchmade Forum, they said that there were only 150 of the plain edge made. Now I find out that I've got one of the few ones that were misprinted with "ATS-34" and subsequently covered up and re-labelled "M2-HSS". So while this might be something of a collector's item, the fact that it's M2 steel means that it was made to be used hard. I still haven't decided if I want to abuse it or keep it looking new, but I suppose there are a lot worse things in the world to worry about.

Both. I acquire for both collection and use.

I've also noticed that the two seem to bleed into each other. Often I buy a bunch of knives just to have (collecting). But then, the mere fact that they're sitting around makes me think up ways to use them. I'll think up goofy tests and test them against each other for example. Has anyone else chopped up firewood that really didn't need chopping, just because there was a good chopping knife around?

Since I rarely have something to cut, I guess I collect for fun. Varoius types..
It's fun owning a beautufull, well made knife which - if needed, is functional as well.
Occasionally, I carry one of them. But the trouble is that I get to like them so much that I wouldn't think of using them. Also, my knives are sort of `self defense' in theme, so I would never show them to anyone outside of my home..
My brother's a sport - he uses his knives daily and even sharpens them!
Mine are prettier to look at... Ed E

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I'm not really a collector per say. I carry and use the knives I own. I guess I look for something that's tough enough to function for my fire fighting purposes. If it will handle that use and abuse, it will work for all else it encounters.

As ThomasH so wisely said earlier:

"I collect the knives I use."

So do I. Speaking of collecting knives, I remember with fear as I look back at it, One knife I had when I was a kid.
Now, more than fifteen years ago, I saw in a book a picture of an old swedish EKA folder, a real gem with handles of silver and mother of pearl inlays. "Hmm... where have I seen that one before. And it struck me. I had destroyed a knife which looked just like that with all the furious curiosity of an eight-year old equipped with a hammer. I think I got it from a flea market almost for free and probably considered it to be a great toy to use and abuse. Too bad.

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I too, like David Rock, accumulate knives, and as a consequence, have a collection, and they all get used....

What is a knife for but to be used????

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Lesse. Not a huge # overall, lesse here, 10 total 6 for street defense carry, one Moeller Viper thrower to learn to throw and *maybe* one day carry, two swords for training purposes (including cutting), 1 Gerber Multipliers for utility only.

Many of the "fighters" are dual use utility, especially the Mad Dog WSP1 ATAK variant. One fighting folder was a semi-successful experiment, two fighter folders are an out-of production pair, one is a spare.

None are collectors.

Jim March
I too collect the knives I use. Just can't keep from buying that new something that I have seen in a magazine or heard about in one of the discussion groups. Seems that I always find something I don't quite like or wished the manufacturer had done a little differently. Guess that also help in my quest for the next new knive to use and evaluate. Additionally, the ones I buy are a lot less costly than the guns I used to collect/use.
I collect and use knives . Most of the customs (handmade knives ) are never used but I wiil NOT buy a custom knife that I couldn't use. I am a lefty and every knife I own must be made for left handed use or i wiil not buy it.
I tend to collect knives I admire and would want to carry and use.

I think owning a knife I feared carrying for fear of loss or damage, would be too confining.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with taking good care of them, as one would any good tool.

I also enjoy maintaining the knives I carry.


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I buy/aquire knives for specific uses. As a consequence I have a collection.
I'm having a sword made...can't wait for that first Prionace glauca or if I'm really lucky a Carcharodon carcharias

Much to the chagrin of my bank account, the answer is both.