OK....so what did you get at the Blade Show?

Kodiak PA

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Dec 3, 1998
Not being able to go this year, I'm looking forward to reading what returning members got at the Show this year.

What did you get? What did you like? What was the biggest surprise you found?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Welcome back!!!


Lets see...I picked up two bars of rouge, big thing of Micatra, a set of G-10 scales...Oh, you mean knives

First thing I did was head to the EDI booth where I had the pleasure of finaly meeting Will Fennel in person. He handed me a Genesis with gold liners and a dull grey blade, and said the magic word. "Talonite". I also got to play with the rock lock proto, and was really impressed with it (Will had to wrestle the Talonite Genesis away from me) I was about to head off to the rest of the show, and I decided to ask about my own Genesis 1 which had been shipped back to me the previous week after some minor trouble, and I hadent recived it. Will assured me that it had shipped, and that it was probly on my door step waiting for me, but that he couldnt let me walk around the BladeShow without a Genesis, so he made my day by giving me a Genesis II which I proudly whiped out every time someone asked what I had gotten! Then I made my way over to the BladeForums booth and met Mike and Spark, they asked if they could use my dialup, and we hooked it up and got online. I got a Mission MPU for that. (Thanks Mike!) I ordered a Talonite Cetan from Rob Simonich, after playing with his all weekend I just had to. The Cetan is really a GREAT knife!

Things I saw that impressed me...Vallotton (sp?) D/A knives with hidden buttons (I.E. MT Chameleon) These knives had realy smooth actions and felt really good, once you found the button the blade shot out with agression! I also saw an Alan Ellishwitz Black Ares (16 of 20). Almost had to sell blood. The EDI Talonite Genesis was definatly a highlight. Jerry Busse's rope cutting demo was pretty cool, I'll let mike give you the numbers, but I can tell you it was impressive! To bad he ran out of rope

There was lots more to see and touch and play with and buy, but I'll leave you with those seeing as my wife just told me I have 2 minuits to pack it up before she leaves me here in Atlanta!

Life is like a box of knives...

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Purchases: Carson Model 4, although not as nice as Senators
Spyderco 204 Sharpmaker, BF Native w/ awesome sheath, Sentry Solutions stuff.

Surprises: Sal Glesser opening his Military, meeting and taking pictures with Kit Carson, James "Patches" Watson, meeting all the great fellow BF members (Spark, work on the Mojo), and the drinks at Ruby Tuesdays (thanks again Mike)

Chris - *ANY* Carson Model 4 is a supurb knife. Your's is no exception. I just happen to be more obnoxious about mine.

Like Chris said, I got a medium Kit Carson Model 4 with a Talonite drop point blade, carbon fiber scales, and titanium bolsters. Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased with it. I also did a little horse trading with Gary Graley for a new micarta Calypso Jr. and one of Gary's fantastic belt sheaths for my small Sebenza.

I had a great time meeting everyone. What a great group of people! We even had a blast when it took us 40 minutes to travel the two blocks from the hotel to the show location.... Y'all don't even want to know.

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It was all Alan (sp?) Folts and Gary Graley's fault! And Mike and Bobby got us lost on the way back! I knew where we were the entire 40 minutes (lost). You forgot to mention that our hotel was 1 block from the show.

Kelly, I see you made it back OK. Denna and I had a blast and will definitely be attending next year!

I know you went back and bought that dinged Synergy
Your Carson is schweet, although (I hate to admit this), I forgot to ask Kit what the blade material is. I am assuming 440V. does he still use ATS-34 (please say "no").

Hey Chris,

I really knew the way back from the show,
I was just testing yall-lol.Anyways,
I only got 2 knives and a couple
accesories.I got one of those KILLER
SpeedTech Synergy's.I got the black
one an I love it!I also got a WOO
neck knife from Newt Livesay,for
$25 you can't go wrong.I had a blast
meeting some of the other forumites,
and especially hanging out with other
NC forumites!



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Thanks, I was getting a little worried that it was ATS. I actually didn't get to flick too much on the ride back, mainly due to the fact that I averaged 95MPH to get back by 5pm to pick up the Chihuahuas from the kennel.


Yeah, sure ya did. That Speedtech is one bad knife! I can't believe that the handle is one piece! Definitely a winner. I think Kelly needs a blue one! It was good meeting you. I hope all the NC knife nuts (with chief numb-nut attending) can get together more often. BTW, I'll bet those vacationers in the pool had a memorable one! Flick, flick.

Hi Kodiak and Kelly, Chris, Bobby and Alan and everybody! My favorite knife, today, is one that I got at the Atlanta Blade Show, see below, the William Henry folder:


Love that knife, 3 1/4" blade with a firey Opal in the thumb stud!

Also got a Sport 800 from Mike Irie, nice stag handle, and a Wharncliff blade, 4" ats-34 with nicely pinned stag handles and nickel guard by a nice gentleman by the name of W.J. McDonald of Germantown Tenn, love the Wharncliff pattern.


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it's the money.
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Hey G2,
Gorgeous knife! I expect a full report on its cutting ability and rust resistance ASAP

Seriously, it's a great knife....you know how to pick 'em!


I reached Blade-overload early on and blew my cash in the 1st 2 hours.This included a Crawford Carnivoir,Serial # 10 elishewitz Ares w/black blade,and a Tiknives auto.
Had my hands on a Turzoala century star fighter,carbon fiber. I set it down for a second and someone who was evesdropping grabbed it and said sold! I never had a chance. If anybody knows where I can find one, Please let me know
Be REALLY Sharp,
Hey Gary,

Glad to see you made it back OK. It was great meeting you and the other guys. BF has definitely got the best group out there. Your WH is definitely the best looking knife I've seen in some time. The detail work is amazing. The wife is already pushing for one. I guess that's the least I could do after she let me buy the Carson. Denna says "Hey" to everyone.

Take care,

After selling some of the custom knives that I make. I picked up a Titanium Police ,Spyderco Walker with carbon fiber and took delivery on my Blade Forums blue Native and sheath.

I picked up an RJ Martin Kozuka (thanks, Les) and a Bud Nealy 3.5" Kinzhal with maple burl scales. It was great meeting the other Bladeforum members. A friend I brought with me and I had a great chat with James and Toni Mattis on Saturday night. I would also like to thank Mike Turber for the dinner and drinks!

Well ..

Picked up a Tanto Socom for myself, a mini Socom in red, and a BM850 for my gal.

Then two Greco knives and three Maurice Carter fixed blade fighter/Bowies from Japan, these are great, three layers of steel, the middle section is 63.5 Rockwell ! these suckers are SHARP, I'm going to have a custom Kydex sheath made by Mike for these.

I also got a Woo neck knife, what a winner and only $25.00 bucks,(a lot of stabbing and slashing pleasure with that little baby).


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1. Kit Carson Large Damascus Model 16. (Tanto blade, Flipper, Daryl Meier damascus blade and handle.) This knife is featured in Steve Schwarzer's article on Kit in BLADE, May, '99.(p.80)

2. Cable and L6 Damascus Neck Knife (tanto blade) by Ray Kirk of Tahlequah, OK. (Mark is RAKER on blade.) Handle is bull shin bone collected by Ray's students. Ray is a hell of a guy and should be going for his ABS Journeyman rating next year. This is a maker worth watching imho.

3. Small Saddlehorn Trapper by Wally Watts of Gatesville, TX. Beautiful smooth red bone handles and very pretty clip and spay blades of ATS-34. Lightly fileworked brass liners (front and back). Nickel silver bolsters.
Not a style I carry much, but I just loved the look and the "walk and talk".

4. Since I paid for it at the Blade Show, I'll include my "all titanium" Stellite 6K Carson Model 16 (small). One awesome knife by an awesome maker.

5. Last but not least, I was made a gift of a knife made by our own "CJ" (the fifth he ever made)who is working under the tutelage of Kit Carson. The knife is essentially a Carson Model 4 with a modified drop point blade (ATS-34) and carbon fiber scales. Kit's done a hell of a job with CJ, and it won't be long before we'll be lining up for his knives.

That's it. Can anyone lend me lunch money?


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Large decorated damascus Sebenza(Awesome!!) direct from the man himself, Greco psuedo clip point, again from the man himself and a knife case from Morton Ent. Had to stop there, my wife was getting nervous!!! My next purchases will most likely include a William Henry and a tactical piece from Lightfoot.

Guys CJ is making one heck of a nice knife already and he has just started.
We're not kidding about CJ!

I'm not sure what was CJ and how much was Kit but, the piece I looked at was awesome. Given some time to mature, CJ is gonna have lines nearly as long as Kit at the Blade show. I'm not sure if that's good or bad yet.