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Olight S15 and 4Sevens Preon 1 - NIB

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Jul 12, 2014
I received both of these today and they just aren't for me.

Olight S15 baton - in like new condition with box, papers, lanyard and extra parts that come from the factory. I say like new condition only because I removed it from the box and out a battery in it to test it out. It will also come with two extension tubes. With the extensions this can be a 1x, 2x or 3x AA light.
Asking $42.50.

4Sevens Preon 1 - Gen 2 (84 lumens max) NIB.
Asking $25.

Take both for $60.

Or trade for/toward:
- 4Sevens Preon 1 or 2 titanium
- Eagletac D25a Ti 2015
- Spyderco Delica 4 FFG or Kahr. Green, black FFG handle or blue Kahr handle.
- ZT450
- ZT566
- Xtar XP4
- Make an offer, no junk and no serrated blades.

- Please email offers with a good description and pictures to: haljordon2814@gmail.com
- I can choose to deal or not deal with whoever I want.
- New members will ship first, my call.


Spyderco Manix 2 - all black, plain edge and in excellent condition. Comes with box and papers. Smooth action, feels like a factory edge and centering is a tad off.

4Sevens Preon 1 - LNIB

Top of my list is list is one of the Delicas below plus cash.

Or trade as a package for (plus cash where applicable):
Zero Tolerance 450
Zero Tolerance 808
Zero Tolerance 566
Spyderco Kahr Delica, blue handle
Spyderco Delica 4 FFG PE, green handle
Emerson A100 PE/satin
Eagletac D25a Ti 2015 XP-G2
4Sevens Preon 1 or 2 TI
Xtar XP4
Other offers entertained, no serrated blades.

- I can choose who to and who not to deal with.
- New members ship first in a trade situation.
- Ask all questions before committing to trade.
Not open for further replies.