Omega questions

For me it would be a toss up between a full sized Seamaster and a Bell & Ross diver. Both very, very nice. If you are willing to go upmarket, Breitling makes an unbelievable dive watch that is waterproof to only theoretical depths.
I've had an Omega Auto SMP (full sized 'Bond' model with the wavy pattern on the face) for 6-7 years now. I don't wear it as much anymore and tend to favour a Seiko divers or G-Shock. For some reason the Seiko appeals to me more as a no-nonsense but attractive watch. The Omega is still +4 seconds a day - the same as the first day I wore it and I have yet to have it serviced. One bonus of the Omega is that it has held it's value very well and I would hardly lose money to sell it now (especially since it was a gift in the first place - from a brothel madam, but that's another story).

The SMP had probably 2-3 years of daily use and only a few scratches on the bezel and none on the glass. It still looks new untill you look really close. It has good lume for use at night. If you get the SMP yoou will certainly get a quality time piece that will continue to look that way for many years.

One downside is the bezel is very difficult to get a grip on and turn, especially when wet so it is not practical to use as a timing device. The rotating bezel is a function that I use a suprising amount as well.

I seriously lusted after this watch before I had one and it was a trusted daily companion for quite a while. I'm suprised to hear myself say that it does nothing for me anymore.