Opinion Please


Oct 3, 1998


Opinion please, do y'all think all the holes are too distracting?

I must admit they're more beautiful without too many holes. Holes in the clips is okay with me, but not in the blades and scales. What did Ken name these ones?

I certainly don't think they're too distracting. Does anyone know the blade length/steel/dimensions on these?

I'm just the opposite of Frantium, I like 'em on the blade and handle....but not too thrilled with the clip.

Overall, I like them......a lot!

(man, here we go again...... just when I told my honey I was done for awhile)

Clay G.

The clip holes are a little much. They take attention away from the beauty of the knives IMO. The holes in the blades and scales are nice. It would have been an interesting effect if they were concentric when closed.

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I would keep them int the blade and handle and lose them in the clip. To me the clip is distracting, but the rest of the knife is very pretty, IMHO.

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The holes are okay as long as the spacing is extremely uniform. Any irregularity can make a knife look sloppy.

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The holes in the clip are fine, the handle is ok, I don't care for the holes in the blade.

blade shape is great, overall knife is beautiful.

I think that the blade holes look super, though the blade would be gorgeous without them, too. The handle holes seem kind of lost to me, out on the end and in an otherwise uniform surface (especially on the knife without bolsters). Their spacing seems a bit off, unless they are supposed to be in pairs. I agree that the clip holes are a bit much, but I'd keep them because that's the part of the knife that will be visible most of the time, and they will really get folks' attention and make them say "what have you got! lemme see!" I like that. It looks as though the clip screws aren't quite in a line, though.

I don't know that I'd call it distraction so much as mild confusion. There's no coherency for the eye to flow with. There are suggestions of form, but the implementation leaves something to be desired.

I think that with a little realignment they would look much better. The spacing is uneven, and the lines from the blade holes to the clip holes to the handle holes don't "come together", nor do they do anything extra to complement the knives' other lines.

I can picture them realigned in my mind's eye, and it comes out much better, IMHO.
I agree that the clip is over-kill. I think my preference would be, lose the handle holes and keep the clip holes. A nice knife either way though.

I'd like fewer holes in the clip, and none in the blade. Unless it's larger Spydie hole as an opening device, holes in the blade only serve to make the knife unsuitable for spreading the peanut butter.

And I did recognize the knife handle as "Onion" when the picture was only half downloaded. Overall, very interesting knife.

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I like the blade holes but the clip and handle holes, IMHO, are a "bit" overdone.
Awesome looking blade though....

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The knives are really sweet looking! I would feel lucky to have one.....but i like to think from the practical stand point. sorry to say this, but any knife that size and shape can perform the same and be tons cheaper, But the are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Imp, sorry, not my slice of pie. The holes are to distracting, especially on the blade. And lose the clip