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Orange G-10 Hunters From Eddie

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Aug 6, 2006
These have sold. Thank you.

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but believe me, I have been making lots of knives for lots of good folks.

If you like this, you can thank WeWaslim...he wanted one of my Model IX's in orange...and boy is it ORANGE! Thanks Bill!

Now, the G-10 costs a little more and I have to wear a mask, so I'm asking $95 for the original size smaller one, and $100 for the larger of the two. The sheathes are a nice, dark brown and are included in the price.

Model: IX
Serial: 043
Blade steel:1/8" 440-C Stainless Steel 57-58Rc
Handles:Orange G-10
Pins: Brass
Blade length: 3 7/16"
Overall length: 7 7/16"
Weight: approx. 4.6 oz.
$95 shipped free anywhere in USA

Model: IX
Serial: 044
Blade steel:1/8" 440-C Stainless Steel 57-58Rc
Handles:Orange G-10
Pins: Brass
Blade length: 4 1/4"
Overall length: 8 1/2"
Weight: approx. 4.9 oz.
$100 shipped free anywhere in USA

I prefer to use a PayPal button my wife sets up that can take pp, cc, or bank acct. I will also accept money orders and checks that clear.

Eddie White
Shadow Knives
These are great knives you guys. I just received my large model 9 from Eddie this week, and boy is it a beauty with a "let me at `em edge". Fit and finish is on par with knives that cost 3-4 times as much. Eddie and his wife are super nice to deal with and Eddie has been grinding blades for over 30 years. Best of the best here folks: great price point, excellent fit and finish, and a highly experienced bladesmith.
OK, guys, at last I can brag on my knife. Eddie made me promise not to tell about it, but now the cat's out of the bag. It came hair-popping sharp, the fit and grind is dead-on and the G-10 isn't slippery. As usual, the sheath fit is perfect. You can't beat Eddie's knives or his price. And this orange G-10 is something special. Can you tell I like his work? Happy Knife Year!! Bill.
It sure does seem to be a year for orange as i got 2 myself. nice work Eddie and i'm still loving the last one i got from you a #9 and it's fine.
Inspecto- (this is lora) I love the orange because I am a Clemson fan. Eddie made one for his Dad for Christmas. He's a handyman and a Clemson fan, so it was perfect for him! Orange is good because it's hard to lose, easy to see. I'm glad to hear you are loving that 9! Thanks!

All, these are both still for sale. Didn't want to cause confusion. Thanks all!
I'll take the larger one (4.25") if it's still available! Let me know and we'll finalize payment. PayPal is fine by me.
dullone- the large one is yours, sir! I'll have my wife send you the paypal link. Thank you so very much.

All- smaller one is still for sale, but looks like the large one found a home.

dullone- i'm on my friend's computer and am having trouble doing anything well. i'll send you a verified link asap! thanks again.
dullone- Payment received for the larger of the two. Thanks!

all- smaller of the two is still for sale.
It's ORANGE! :cool:
It's SHARP!! :eek::eek:
It's FLAWLESS!!!:thumbup: :thumbup:
It's a BARGAIN!!!! ;) ;)

But best of all IT'S MINE!!!!! :D :D :D

It came today,
Thanks Eddie

I highly recommend this fine gentleman and his work.
Dullone- So glad you like it! I've never quite seen it put that way! : )

All- These are sold. I sold the other one at the show this weekend.
I just ordered one of these for my sister's birthday. We are all Oklahoma State Cowboy Grads!! Orange rules around here!! and the fact she is a deer hunter doesn't hurt either!! I will be ordering my own orange blade soon to match my gun gear - Here is how big a OSU fan I am -


So,, when I am shot I'll at least know which college you graduated from..:D

In all seriousness, I told you Eddie was the best!.

Blessings to you all,
Bulbboy- I bet she'll love it!

All- Eddie's always taking orders for any blade you see. He's also always looking for a nice custom request. Thanks.