Other knives?

Well I have taken Federico's advise and visited the ethnographic forum. The boys over there ARE serious about their endevor. I browsed thru some of the threads,......I didn't have a clue what they were talking about other than knives and I'm not even sure about that. Time to track down some books and attempt to get up to speed. See Ya later.
Glad to be of help. Took me a long time to get the nerve to post anything over there, as well as to learn more about these things. Zel has been of great help to me in finding ways to learn more about moro swords and culture. He is very trustworthy and generous with his knowledge like most of the people over there. If you want a copy of Robert Cato's moro swords you may want to try Erik Farrow. I got my copy from him and he is indeed a very nice person to deal with. His websites not up but it does have his email at www.Eriksedge.com Im not sure if he still has any copies left but its worth a try. The book has a variety of pictures as well as histories, and makes of moro swords.
Uncle Bill these forums are indeed a great place because of the integrity of the man who is responsible for them. I must say that we all owe you a great deal of gratitude for being such a gentleman and outstanding person. Thank you very much for all your generosity Tito Bill (hehehe I noticed on the various listing for uncle there wasnt the tagalog version)
Black Bear I just realized that I have a bunch of pics of barongs on my computer. Theyre not all mine, but theyre pics. I know Zel said he could email you some but if you want any more pics I can also email you some.