Our first ad! And a question to forum members...

Oct 2, 1998
This month you will notice our first ad appears in Blade Magazine. We would like to know how many of you came here from that ad and in general how you found us.

Thanks for your time

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Excellent question you have asked!

I found you in a search engine about a week before the Blade Show this year. Didn't really get in to it though. Stopped by your setup & talked to Spark and I was SOLD. I wish I had found out about this forum loooong ago!

Lucked out when I finally found this forum after trying out some others. This is undoubtedly the most informative for me, and it's nice to shop the "for sale" forum every now and again.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!

I followed everyone here from Knifeforums.com. Has it been a year yet?

I entered into Spyderco employment...Sal said "You will go there, blend with the people...see what they need to know, and find the answers..." I said Okie dokie...
I friend told me about the site back in Jan.



Through a search engine, although not early enough in life.
Don't read Blade, can't find it.
Years ago I was a regular reader tho!
I was told to go elsewhere by another forum.....this was all I could find.

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Well, let's see, I came here from TheFiringLine, got there from ShootersTalk, and got there from rec.guns....
I used to read Knifeforums on occasion, then I noticed a lot of people ranting and raving about how much it had changed, for the worse, and these same people were saying how great BFC was, so I took a look and the rest is history! I've been reading regularly for 6 months, probably, and watched it grow from under 1800 members to what it is today! Community still has the same flavor, though...

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I was doing a search for Carley Lamps and Photon Lights... go figure.

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-Nordic proverb

I found BF through Clif Stamps Knife reviews, which I think was a link to a knife site I found on a search. Anyway, here I am and have been for about 5 months! This is a great place and I wish I had found it sooner. I thought I was an expert on knives until I came here, now I know how much I don't know, and man is it scary! Oh well, give me a few years and I'll know at least a little more.

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Wow! I honestly don't remember how I got here! (I've slept since then). But I've been loving it ever since. Thanks Mike and Spark

I rushed here from chat with Kevin (Spark) to register the first hour you opened. Indirectly you could say I came here from KFC.


Check my signature below. That date was BFC's first in operation


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

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fell here, from a search engine i believe.

'Till next time,
Rich the kite guy
Spark made me come here. He made me "an offer I couldn't refuse" by threatening to sick Chile and the Ferretts on me (a fearsome crew) if I did not.

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I found out about BF from a post on the rec.knives newsgroup. Lurked for a few months before joining to get a feel for the forums.
Hmm, started reading rec.knives around '95 (?), then found the Benchmade Forum back in the good old days (one big page, Mark McWillis running things), hung out on recdotknives.com a bit, sneered at knifeforums.com briefly, and then woke up here one day...

The exceptional access we have to Sal Glesser's ear in the Spyderco Forum reminds me of all the good things about the old Benchmade Forum, by the way...

-- Carl

P.S. Have we a list yet of specific interpretations assigned to the various new icons?