Our "Front Porch" ....

Jan 12, 2011
I haven't done this in a while but I'm old so here I go, for those who have been on the forum for awhile it's "Here he goes again" for those new, just here goes.
Our World has changed in many ways, some for the better ....some not so much.
Many things we enjoy as Americans are truly just American, invented here and pretty much stayed just here.
The Diner, the Drive-In (Movie) and the Front Porch, the thing attached to homes usually located on a sleepy tree lined street just behind a mail box and a short picket fence with a gate (no lock).
The porch was invented for a reason a fabric grounded American tradition that was born of shared and common bonds that united us as a neigborhood, a culture and a Country.
We talked to each other, called each other by each others names and shared stories and updates with each other because we cared more about listening than anything else.

Our World has changed.

In some ways differently than we initially imagine and actually - not bad, not bad at all.

I have met many Friends and Neighbors that I would never have met if it were not for this "Front Porch"
Sunday evening and walked out onto its virtual planking to say hello and chat with friends and neighbors only now they are from all over the world and from all walks of life.
Thank you Rick, Rob, BF and my "neighbors".
I've even come to know a guy named Jay from New Zealand and a Friend from Kentucky and some in Ohio the list goes on and the neighborhood is large.
Still the same porch, the same Hi, How ya doin' what's new?
So, maybe all that is new has not been so bad and the next time I shake my head and start to say
"Damn these new fangled.....it wasn't like ths before....."
I might stop and pause and think about the Front Porch and just stop by and see what's new and what's up with everybody walking by.

Thanks again to Everybody and I hope you enjoy our Hobby, our Forum and our Front Porch as much as I do.
See you around and don't forget to stop and say - Hi.

I kid.:)

This forum does bring together some great people to share information. Many more read than post, but that's fine. When you're ready join the fun....please do.

I don't answer every question or solve every riddle that is presented, but luckily someone else often comes along and does.

I mean it when I wish everyone a happy new year.

I too would like to thank everyone that makes this forum worthy of existing. It doesn't have to, it's here for us. That's a privilege I hope not to belittle or abuse.
Thank you for keeping a tidy porch, and for having a friendly place to hang out. It's a nice home.
So, Rubi...

What would you like for this thread to become?

Posts are few and views are many.

There's a chat thread in many forums but those don't take off here.

As a way just to say thank you to many, I'll throw my thanks in here as well.

I guess we can just let her develop into whatever...should be interesting to see.
I must say that I drop by the front porch all too often looking for some good conversation, the latest news, or just to be in the company of like-minded folk. I appreciate it very much! Everyone here has been very welcoming and I feel right at home. Especially being a newbie who just "discovered" the knife world 1 year ago!
I must say that I drop by the front porch all too often looking for some good conversation, the latest news, or just to be in the company of like-minded folk. I appreciate it very much! Everyone here has been very welcoming and I feel right at home. Especially being a newbie who just "discovered" the knife world 1 year ago!

I was welcomed. Now I try to welcome others.

It can get tricky, BF has some rules, we have some topics we tire of reliving...but there is a wealth of information that is and can be shared.
And...you certainly have scored some nice knives for being "new" to it all.
I joined the forum shortly thereafter. Not to boast or brag, but to learn and share.
Great post Rubi, I am genuinely touched by the mention so a big Kia ora from this neighbor.

The craze started for me around Feb 2012 after several camping trips - I decided a camp knife was in order and stumbled upon BF and never looked back.

Cheers -

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N2K asked where I would like to see this thread go and that is a fair question, in answer I will offer...
Many of our threads in this Forum are "Purpose built". " Where can I find replacement screws" or " What is a good bevel angle for an XM-18 Spanto EDC".
Nothing wrong with any of that, actually that is our bread and butter Forum use at its best.
Need info - go find it.
But then there is the unintended consequence that creeps like a fog or age.....slowly one starts coming and staying.
Relationships of the kind that were referemced in my first post - the ones afforded to us by this wonderful medium and truth be told cept for the missing "Body" we all get to know each other as well (sometimes better) than if we lived next door. I've never once gotten mad at any of you for not taking your garbage out on the right evening:)
So, other than provoking the passing thought or awakening a sense of awareness (possibly staving off the dreaded complacency) - my hope is for this to go only where those who care to read it wish it to go and if it causes a moment of pause or reflection about where we are as a Forum or group or a Society then that was a good use of time and index finger.

Jay, Love the Hat. Wish NZ wasn't such a long drive;)
Cool. So it's kinda like a why we are here kind of idea.

I came here after a lot of research. Both hands on with other knives and then like many...turned to the Internet.

I had a problem and sought a solution. I wanted outstanding folding knives that would last more than a year before they failed me in some way. I wanted something I could use and not worry about. Truly a knife in my pocket that gave me confidence in my gear. That's how I wound up here.

Stayed because I like the people and the knives. Stay because I try to help others as well as continue to learn.

I attempt not to come off as braggadocious when I post. Some may still mistake my contributions as such. It's part of life. Opinions and perspectives differ.
N2K, I've found your posts most helpful, but then I'm a relative newbie so what do I know? I guess I know what I need 2 ....okay, the pun stops here.

Anyway, hello, all. Ordered another knife today (my first Mnandi) so feeling high as a kite (although my painkillers may be helping in that regard). I really appreciate this website in general and especially this and the CRK forums (or, for English majors, fora). Amiable and knowledgeable members. That's worth a lot at my stage in life.

Bye for now.
lucky you!
my mnandi is currently at crk for maintenance, i stripped a screw!
You'll enjoy your mnandi! first time I picked it up I was amazed at how small it actually is. It really is tiny and images dont do it justice. It also is extremely light and SUPER smooth. It is smoother yet than a sebenza. However, it is not as easy to maintain as a sebbie. Be very carefull when you put it back together. On the inside, of the clip screw there is a small ring wich is actually fitted to incredibly small tolerances. Result ? Its a pain to get back in properly! I know this because I didnt realize and kinda forced it in, as a result of wich I completely stripped my screw. The screw was literally round instead of the hexagon it should be. Hence why mister reeve has to work his magic on it!
Anyhow, it's an awesome knife and you'll love it!
here's a pic of it along with some other knives

One reason I ordered wood scales and not a beautiful ivory was that ivory is meant to be safe queen material (so I've been told) and I like to wear knives in my pockets and fondle them, and ivory apparently will soak up demin color and hand oils. At my advanced age, I want to play with my knives, not use them as an investment. So a wood mnandi it is.

But I won't be taking it apart. I'll let CRK do that. That's a huge advantage to Hinderer knives: even a klutzy non-mechanic like me can disassemble them. It is the only knife I'll take apart. That speaks volumes on the essence of Hinderer knives.

Oh, fabulous collection you have there. Once my Mnandi arrives, I'll update my collection photo. It has grown in the last couple of weeks.