Our "Front Porch" ....

So.............. A few weeks ago I go and buy a Siamese cat. Well, technically a kitten, but he's 10 months old. Now you all know I have Hinderers everywhere I look. Including a slightly dogeared 3" slicer with a blue/black scale that's been in Afghanistan with me. It also has a lanyard on it. My damn Siamese has developed a fetish for that knife, he grabs it by the lanyard and walks off with it. He's taken that thing at least 6 times now!!!!!
Here go, Misty, Foggy, Sinister Night-Time Pic of a Big "Thingy" in the backyard of Rubiville, Any Guesses on what it is? Hmmmm?

Trivial Trivia on a Saturday Night. :)

Bear trap?

Ding Ding Ding ! Yes folks, We have a Winner! Johnnie what has our RDA won? What? (what do you mean the prize wasn't approved by corporate?) Ummmm Uhhhhhh Hey being able to deduce the correct answer IS a prize all its own, Right?

The local Constabulary decided it wanted to save the life of a local taxpayor and put a large Grizzly Bear trap from Montana in my back yard (full of donuts) :)

We'll see what happens.
Well I'll be darned. Never even crossed my mind that it was a bear trap. I was going to say a very large grill or smoker.
Funny. Guess I shoulda spelled out my riddle in plain English.:D

Happy hunting.
Nah. I knew you knew (noo noo) funny though right? Friggin Bear Trap in my yard! Ya don't see that everyday.
Especially in like center city ... Baltimore or some such place.
No. Still sitting here (shut) after the holiday weekend. Seems like it would be more effective if Ranger Bob would come back and open it.
Rubi, maybe Ranger Bob's appetite for donuts overcame him and he crawled inside for a taste while checking the trap and triggered the door closing on him. Better check on that. I know from personal experience that bacon grease makes great bait, the smell of fresh cooked bacon wafting in the air can be smelled for miles by black bears. Keep,us posted on the catch and relocation program in Rubisville.
I will do so my Friend. Ranger Bob did show up yesterday to reopen the donut hole and deliver his "safety" briefing (again) apparently he was concerned somebody (me) had been embellishing the bait which meant I was getting too close, lacking proper training and all.
Hey all. Since this is the front porch thread, anyone else having an abnormally large population of mosquitos this year. I cannot enjoy my porch at ALL right now! Really like enjoying some night air with a brew when the humidity is down but I don't like being on the menu to do it. Those critters are useless.
Yes. Here as well, very disturbing. My understanding is it is due to the virus killing off the bat population. Very sad.
Bats are the "King" of the mosquito eaters.
I hope they recover.
Ours aren't bad here in central Florida yet, but our rainy season just started recently so I'm sure they are coming soon!
Wish I could figure out how to post the video.....

Anyway, My Front Porch :) view, I think there are Six(6) at the feeders that I can see.