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Over My Knife Addiction .... I think!

Nov 16, 1998
I think I've finally kicked my addiction to knives! MUCH MORE WORK I have to do here at my employement, lot less time to talk knives now, that's why I'm not here at these forums near as much as I used to be.

Besides, my wife and kids were telling me that I was falling into a deep state of knife a craziness.

I do feel kind of good that it has been a few months now since I have purchased an expensive knife, I think!

So, am I over my knife addiction now, I ask you?

AKTI Member #A000003

P.S. Taken up time-pieces now


"AKA - xl"
Well Mark, you remind me of the guy that walks into the bar to announce that he doesn't drink anymore.
Within an hour, we're doing tequilla shooters!!

C'mere, have a seat and let me tell you all about the hundreds of knives I own. In fact, I have a few in the car! Wanna see? In fact, the $1200 Custom I ordered is supposed to be here today!! Wanna come over and greet the UPS person with me? I got tequilla!!

Heh heh heh....

Vampire Gerbil: similar to a domestic gerbil, except for the odd accent and little black cape.

Hey Mark

Im there for you. I'll help you get through this cursed addiction. Send me you're expensive knives! Out of sight out of mind, RIGHT!?!? Think of your family, man!

To help out I'll even pay for the shipping and handling.

Dang! Im a real nice guy........

Ross T.
LOL.....I have a lot of friends that are nice guys, gals too! I would really love to share my expensive knives with you, but my kids already have them to look forward to. Now, I can't very well go back on my word and take them out from under them now can I?

You should have come to me sooner!LOL

Just to help out a friend, I'll take your "cheap" knives off your hands.
Out of sight , out of mind. Ya! That's it!
Together we can beat this!!!


I say bull. lol I give ya 6 mos. till your next purchase..........In the mean time, if you want to make room for the future...........
You never beat an addiction. At best you might be a "recovering Knifeaholic"


No Mark, you haven't kicked anything. It is only a temporary hiatus. I thought I was "cured" and lasted almost five years before I gave in and resumed my addiction. Once addicted, there is no cure.
Mark, we're losing ya! Come back! I say you quit your job and find a less time consuming one. Or better yet, a job that doesn't take a lot of time and permits you to use your knives. Kinda like what Cliff Stamp does. Hehe J/K.

Hahahaha....... "kicked your addiction to knives" ....Thats a good one.

No really..... whats the UPS guy coming with next?

Clay G.

I just received my third Microtech today and not too long ago I would have said no way would I buy 3 Microtech knives. And I am sure I am just a piker in the knife collecting.
Run to the liggggggght. Ruuuuuuunnnnnn! You mean you're gonna subject your children to the hell that IS knife addiction? You're a heartless, cruel man. Call yourself a FATHER, dammit, and send me your knives!!!
whoops, almost forgot my signature. It applies to you.

"I'm tired of going over this. They're INVESTMENTS!"
Hey guys, encourage me, give me some help!
It's like trying to quite smoking. I smoked for 10 years (the last three years I was up to 3 packs a day). Knew I had a problem so I quite! I quite right when a pack of smokes was only 55 cents and a carton was only about $4.50. I have been off smokes now for over 20 years! Ut oh, I think I dated myself
Now, you don't think I can quite my knife addiction after a feet like that? It was hard and took a long time, but I did it, quite smoking that is!

AKTI Member #A000003

Ok, Mark, encouragement it is.

I gotta believe you still like sharp things, so the real question is how to you control the expenditures. Several techniques:

Deferral - put off the purchase by rationalizing it a bit. Find some little nit about each knife and then keep looking for one without the nit. Or if it's perfect and has no nits, then plan the purchase within your budget and schedule the purchase. In the short run you'll enjoy the anticipation and in the long run you'll get that perfect knife for your collection. Special note on deferral would be to purchase only from makers with a really long wait time (years) and noone else. That way you won't buy as often (but may spend a little more when you do buy).

Cut back on BFC time - nothing winds you up for purchasing more than coming into knife forums and finding out about all the latest and greatest knives. Schedule your time here and on other forums carefully.

Only go to a minimum number of Knife or Gun shows - This is the worst of all. When you get there, if it's a good show, it's almost impossible to go away empty handed. Put a limit on going where the temptation is impossible to resist.

Get into trading - this will keep your expenditures down and still allow you to see new and neat knives which you would otherwise might not be able to obtain. Since you already have a collection, this is a good option.

Get particular - stop buying those neat affordable knives which come out every year from all the production shops. These affordable, purchase often, knives will really drain away your knife dollars. Stick to the customs and use deferral until you find the "perfect" one (see deferral obove).

Is that encouragement enough?

Can I do this? No way - the only reason I buy less knives is that I run out of money and can't/won't buy at the expense of other more necessary items.

Good luck Mark. The knifenut couch here is always open!
I think Bob Irons has a good point, Putting off buying by taking time and picking the least flawed will keep a collector from just blowing money. Also, it doesn't hurt to clearly define what types of knives interest you most. Do you like tantos, only folders, a particular brand, etc. I think that one has to watch out for redundancy (two or three of the same thing). Personally, I am trying to cut down to getting knives that substantially different from what I already own. For instance, I want to hold out for the Rolling Lock Spydercos when they come out.
Anthony -- Rolling Lock Spyderco's you say? Oh no!!! Ah, c'mon now ..... STOP IT!

AKTI Member #A000003
Mark - Good job! Like me: I was able to put off buying a Spydie Military for several months! But this month is my birthday, so I'm taking the Military plunge (Nestea's got nothing on Spydies!). Waiting for very 'special' occasions is part of that deferral thing Bob was talking about.

Trouble is, November has Thanksgiving; December, Christmas; January, New Year's; February, Valentine's Day; March, my anniversary; ... Well, June - August has no special occasions for me!
Just gotta feed my family between now and then!
I want to help you. Tell me what area you live in. I will do a knife show near you. You can come by my table, and I will talk you through your knife addiction. What are friends for?

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