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Paragon Cobra Limited Edition

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Feb 22, 2001
Here is a limited edition Paragon Cobra Tactical knife.This is their Tactical - Art Series limited edition with 300 pieces total.
The handle is genuine mother of pearl embellished with a scrimshawed with a nude and tiger cub. This is number 204. Black ats-34 blade T-6 hand print shape frame and positive slide safety mechanism; red for deploy, and green for closed. Strong spring, good action and balance. Black pocket clip with gold anodized logo. This knife is LNIB. Has only been opened a few times to look at it. Includes box and original outer box. Asking $210 for this exclusive knife. I will take credit card payments.
This is not really a carry knife. If you enjoy auto knives that are well built and unusual this is for you.


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Mar 2, 2006
Konrad: I received the cobra two days ago, Excellant knife, fast turnaround on the shipment. Sorry for the delay in letting you know, I have been flat out with some bug all week. Its been a pleasure ouside of your crash, Thanks John at infobound1. :thumbup: :thumbup: