Aug 12, 1999
I am sure everyone has heard about Columbine. Well where I live people seem to be becoming very paranoid. I am 15 and I collect knives which has lead many of my neibors to think that I am some Phsycotic killer. Now the cops are even bothering me.
Welcome to the forum. You don't suppose that your disposition towards "Gothic" might have something to do with your problem, do you?
I seem to be luckier. Even though i live in a place where people are paranoid, they don't give me any trouble. Now they (your neighbours) are too much if they request for the police to keep an eye on you. The best thing is keep the eye sore ones at home in a safe or something to lock it up (so you have a case in any given matter) and carry a 'grandad' pocket knife. This way, the cops have nothing against you.
Dang I'm glad i don't live in town! I'm only 16, but out in the boonies where I live I carry my 18" machete around and no one cares because almost no one is a around. That really is a sad note on people in general though, I know the kind of attitude you're talking about. Its sick and wrong for people to weapons for no good reason.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
Dan K - Since Columbine, the word "gothic" has been bandied about by uninformed newsfolks as something dangerous and evil (like guns and the NRA). Quite frankly, I don`t care if Reverend is into collecting knives and listening to Marilyn Manson or doing needlepoint while singing showtunes; he is entitled to NOT being bothered by cops!

My 13 year old son has run into the very same situation here. The DA is about to go to trial over schoolyard taunts.

The level of paranioa in schools and in small town police stations, post Columbine, is discouraging.
Let's be realistic, though. The way you look says something about you, either directly or by association. It is not true that all black males are criminals, but the high rate of crime among black males makes police more likely to suspect them -- rightly or wrongly, "racial profiling" aside. (For what is "profiling," racial or otherwise, if not an attempt to classify levels of risk on the basis of certain external signals or appearance "flags?")

Logically, then, while it is not true that all "Goths" are members of some demented baby-killing blood-drinking cult, I would venture the opinion that a disproportionate number of people dressing and behaving in that manner are depressed, nihilistic, generally antisocial, rebellious, or a combination of all four. I'm a flaming Libertarian and and a huge advocate of individual rights -- but I'll be the first to admit that how you dress and with whom you associate sends a message about you, and unlike your race or country of origin, these are factors directly under your control.

I think even we Knife People tend to be a little guilty of the "poor me" syndrome with regard to sheeple reaction over our tools. After all, none of us particularly likes to be considered a sociopath for daring to own a utility knife or defensive edged weapon -- but I'm willing to bet a lot of tool-users get an ego-boost from the "whoa, you must be kinda sorta dangerous" reaction.

My point is just that if you're going to go out of your way to dress in a menacing fashion -- and let's face it, the "Goth" scene is just a revisitation of the "Punk" scene which was a redux of the "Greaser" scene with different props, all of them capitalizing on visual intimidation -- don't be surprised if people react.

Just my rambling -- ignore at your leisure. I mean no offense to any and all involved.

The Cops here have been watching the Punkers, Gothics,etc. for quite some time. Mostly they're fairly harmless, but remember that word, "conformity"? That's the bottom line. And in this day of "PC"......

ps. I'm too old to care any more, as long as they don't bother me.
Still though....gothic??? Why the hell for? Im only 19, so I know how it is, but gothic? I'm not trying to criticize N E 1 here, but I don't think I'd trust some goth freak with knives either...however, he does NOT need to be bothered by the locals. That's not right. -AR

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- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

BTW, I don't mean that REVEREND is a goth should stick around here. Their a wealth of knowledge to be had here...I've learned a lot!!! Don't be a stranger. -AR

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- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Also, The town where he lives is pretty uptight and lacking in the sense of humor dept. Some cops there enjoy hassling folks who look or act different. (Goth or not)
Excuse me? Cops can't bother someone just because of what they have in their house, unless, of course, reverend performed some act of irresponsability with his knives outside of the home, which led to his trouble with the boys in blue(and white stains).

I need a bigger bucket.
Collecting knives does not make me "Gothic". I'm about as far from Gothic as you can get, and that includes the gospel bluegrass music coming from my stereo right now. "I'm a waitin' for you up on a mountain, little country home up on a mountain, waitin' for you Lord to come and take me, just a come an' take me home." Doesn't sound exactly Gothic to me.

Now, it's a banjo rendition of How Great Thou Art. I'll bet that would go over big in one of those Gothic dance clubs.

Bear with me on this one...

The direction your car goes in is controled by how the tires are set. That is controled by the steering wheel. How fast your car goes is controlled by how much fuel the engine gets. That is controlled by the pedal. You can control the wheel and the pedal, so you can control which direction and how fast your car goes.

Unfortunately, Reverend, the world judges a book by its cover. The world is a stage and everyone is a critic. People make decisions about you based on how you look, how you act, how you speak. But, you can control how you look, how you act, and how you speak. So, guess what? You can control the decisions people make about you!

In other words, this is not something other people are doing to you anymore than if your car crashed into a tree it would be something the car did to you. You had your hand on the wheel and your foot on the pedal. Don't blame the car for going where and as fast as you told it to go. Don't blame people for making the decisions about you that your appearance, behavior, and words tell them to make about you.

It's gonna be this way for your whole life. Get used to it.



I am 18, I collect knives and I carry them, no one bothers me... I actually live in a very uptight community, I don't know if any of you have heard about this but it was my school district that was attacked because a few groups of parents opposed to the teaching of history that involved religious specific knowledge. As to say, past instances where religion was a defining factor was taught to children because it was HISTORY, not because it was some secret way to make children believe in a certain faith. Most of you who know about think probably know of it as the "Satanism Lawsuit", due to the fact that one parent mentioned students played the game "Magic: The Gathering" on campus and thus the school preached the dark faith. Now THAT is an uptight community. However, if you hold yourself well and act responsibly in public with edged weapons, the problems you are experiencing will decrease. If this is truly effecting your life, you must know that there really is NOTHING you can do to change someone elses opinions about knives at your age, regardless of how smart you are it will not work. May I suggest you slightly modify your carry-knives to eliminate the following:

Coated Blades (black = stealth = offense to many people)

Tanto Tips (people know what they are originally designed for, it scares the hell out of them)

Fixed Blades (this is a given)

Dramatic Serrations (like tanto blades, they scare the hell out of people)

Liner-Locks (open faster, people freak, police think you have an auto)

That is probably the best you can do to let people know by virtue of blade design that your knife is safe and utility oriented. No AFCKs, no Axis-Locks, no StarMates. Try a Spyderco, the blade hole might make some people see "TACTICAL" but if you pick the right model you will be golden. A steel handle Delica or Endura with a plain blade will do you well. Oh yeah, make SURE that you know exactly how long your blade is, do NOT be walking around with anything that might even be mistaken for an unlawful length, it just makes more trouble. When you turn 18, may I suggest you walk around with the BIGGEST legal folder you can find, with a blade of 3.9 inches, fully black teflon coated, blade groove to help get into a half saber grip, liner-lock or fast opening mechanism, thumb stud or Spyderco-Hole equipped, and so serrated it makes people scream with fright the second they see it... Just kidding.

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I am the moderator on the forum "The Balcony" located at Cinematopia, please come support this brand new site gotta be kidding me. I've never seen a Gothic Postman, Dahmer wasn't Gothic, nor was Berkowitz, Speck, OJ (allegedly), or List. I could go on and on. In fact they were all very well dressed, and in most cases, educated sheeple. Do the police have THAT look in their "profiling" books......I doubt it. I don't care what the reason is, judging anyone for the way they look is WRONG!

Gothic looking people have not, to my knowledge, caused even close to as much social damage as the "acceptable" looking people.

Whats next..... someone dressed as a Teletubby blows up a police station, and next Halloween, 20,000 6 year olds get arrested for fitting the Profile??

Clay G.


I don't believe anyone's saying that it is morally correct to judge someone by how they look, or that just because someone looks menacing (or does not) they are likely a criminal (or not), but rather that certain costumes and demeanors cause certain reactions in both sheeple and authority figures, and that one should not be surprised when this happens, or when one is stereotyped as a result.


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And tomorrow when you wake up it will be worse.
First off I'm a cop. This is just my opinion. I believe an armed society is a polite society, but if you draw attention to yourself your going to get just that. I like knives and guns, more so than the average cop. I am heavily into jujitsu, I still compete in tournaments that are considered barbaric and I get alot of criticism from family and friends. Its the life style I choose, so I accept it. Its called life.

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I see most of you understan my situation. And just to let this out most of you guys are right, the Gothic people have as much respect for life as anyone else. We just veiw it differently. Just because Neo Nazi kids decide to go in black trench, which i don't wear, we seemed to take the blame.
That`s right, in a perfect world cops can`t hassle you for what you have in your house. Or for how you dress, or for the color your skin. Unfortunately, it happens. And not just to "goth freaks", either.

A long time ago, in a city not far from where I live, some young women became inflicted with mysterious illnesses. Back then, you blamed witches. Witches were hung to satisfy the public`s demand that "something" be done. Not a lot has changed since then, least of all, human nature. As long as there are Columbines, there will be witch hunts for those people perceived as responsible. (i.e. "Goth freaks", gun nuts, video games, rap music, etc, etc,) And police will "do their duty" to satisfy the public`s demand that "something" be done. Individual rights don`t always enter into this equation.