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"Paypal add 3%"

I don't think we have that rule here on the BF like they do at the HTS. If the 3% bothers you, don't buy it. Either way you are going to pay for it, sellers will just increase their price. If I want the item I will pay what they want. I use to ask for the 3% pp, I don't any more, I just ask for a fair market price, if you want it buy it, low ball offers I ignore. If you want it bad enough you'll buy it, if not go somewhere else. So this is much to do about nothing.
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Its no different than just raising that price by 10% and then saying "I'll eat the paypal fee".

Thats how I ride. :thumbup:
I actually do this because I want the buyer to have the option of mailing me a payment thus , saving the 3% (which is actually 3.5%) If I assume everyone wants to use paypal , then I would just raise the price of the item 3% and post it. Anyway short story is, it gives you the customer the opportunity to get the lowest price by mailing the payment. When I sell knives , I try to offer a very good value for the dollar and this is just another way to not automatically increase prices.

Personally I just bypass adds that say- Shipping $6.95 Insurance extra and PayPal add 3.9%.

When I list an item it's $X Delivered all fees PayPal or USPS Money Order. Shipping, Insurance and any PayPal Fees are part of the 1 price.
I believe that there was this discussion a while back, and while I may be wrong I thought it turned out that it was against Paypal's terms of use to charge different prices for paypal users vs non-paypal users in the same transaction.

Regardless of that, I just bypass non-PP or "PP fee's extra" sales as well. I don't want the hassle of buying a MO, keeping track of the stub, _possibly_ getting a replacement MO if I never get the merchandise. With PP, its not only ease of use, but a record and an assurance that it was received. They cant claim they never received it, that they can't cash it, etc.

edit, found it on https://cms.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/m...ue&content_ID=ua/Payments_full&locale.x=en_US

4.5 No Surcharges. You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method. You may charge a handling fee in connection with the sale of goods or services, as long as the handling fee does not operate as a surcharge and is not higher than the handling fee you charge for non-PayPal transactions.
I would like to thank those that posted against adding paypal fees, I have learned something here today, and for an older guy that is something. I guess I really never thought that it was a problem to add those fees, didn't know people would be turned off by that , I was actually trying to give the best value. As a result of what I have learned, I am going to change my ads.

Dave Anderson
i try to report the people to paypal that pass the 3% along to me as it is explicitly against paypal rules.
Very interesting:thumbup: I have NEVER charged the paypal fees on a sale, but I didn't realize it was against the rules outside of ebay. I have avoided all sales with the surcharge, however.
i try to report the people to paypal that pass the 3% along to me as it is explicitly against paypal rules.

I bet you were a great volunteer hall monitor in elementary school.:D
"Hey buddy, where's your hall pass?"
i try to report the people to paypal that pass the 3% along to me as it is explicitly against paypal rules.

That's new to me. From now on I'll just ask a higher selling price, but give the buyer a 3.9% non-PayPal convenience discount.:rolleyes:
i try to report the people to paypal that pass the 3% along to me as it is explicitly against paypal rules.
So, you've actually purchased from people who do what you say you "try to report" them for? Why would you do that, I mean, if they're violating paypal rules and all?:confused: Wouldn't it be less time consuming for you to just not buy an item from them, or are the deals so good that you just can't bring yourself to pass 'em up, in spite of the sellers' lack of willingness to follow the paypal rules? Do you let the sellers know (as they may not be aware), prior to purchasing their items, that they are in violation of paypal policy, and you intend to report them after the sale?;)
i try to report the people to paypal that pass the 3% along to me as it is explicitly against paypal rules.

The paypal fee is deducted from the assets being transferred to the seller, which always come from the buyer. So the buyer pays the fee 100% of the time, irrespective of whether the seller states it that way or not.

So, you guys have passed on knives/items that you really wanted, and the price was right, even with the extra PP fees added?

To me MO's are very inconvenient, but if it is something I really want, I deal with the hassle of getting a MO and waiting a couple of extra days for the item. Added fees or not, I wouldn't pass on a good deal just because PP says don't do it. Most gas stations have a cash and credit card price, do you pass on these as well? Or contact you credit card company and tell them it is unfair.

Or do you want everyone selling something to add 3 or more % to a sale to cover these fees without stating it. Fees and charges always get passed onto the consumer. I prefer seeing a price and paying that price. I wish car dealers listed the out the door price, but taxes and fees and more fees sure make that sticker price go up. Once again, if I want it I pay for it, fees or not.
i see in some for sale threads people stating,when using pp,use the gift option or only from a pp account or credit card,where there is no pp fee.can someone explain this.
Prefer Paypal as long as funds are not transferred via a credit card (because the fee is too high).
this is what im asking.
I don't see the big deal. If you would rather the seller fib to you about how the total is achieved for the item so be it. No matter how its worded whether it be listed as 'shipping and fees, fees added, or shipping and handling, total after processing or whatever descriptive term is used the item will still be sold for about the same price so whats the reasoning for arguing over a few pennies?

Also, on more than one occasion a seller has asked me to add for using a credit card, both local and on the net. It does indeed happen and usually with smaller purchases like under a certain amount.

To my knowledge the only way pay pal can enforce any policy of not wanting members to add fees is only when they sell on ebay. Otherwise they can't control it. Regardless, if you would rather see "add $6.95 shipping and handling" or more after every item you go to purchase you are going about getting it a good way to start this argument. You are better off letting things alone and not rocking the boat because most folks charge actual total for the item plus the actual shipping charge plus the exact amount for the fee. This does not include the cost on average for envelopes, boxes if they ship other than priority mail which many do, tape, stamps, labels or anything else so in my opinion you are getting quite a bit usually from guys that are simply being honest with you about what you are paying for.

It kind of sucks from my stand point as a seller to try to be honest with customers about the actual cost to them for the items they are getting showing up front as close to the penny word for word what your money is going toward to itemize it for folks and then be hung to dry for it as if I'm still not giving you a good enough deal to make people happy. Honesty should be rewarded not condemned IMO> From what I've read on some of the posts it seems the general consensus is that some folks would rather be lied to about it by a switch in semantics to make them feel better about their purchase. This will lead to folks seeing things like the actual cost to ship the item on the outside of the box or envelope on the label as being $1.65 but being charged $3.85 for shipping on the invoice or something similar to this which you'd no doubt complain about also so I'd say be careful what you ask for or people may just give you what you seem to want.

So, you guys have passed on knives/items that you really wanted, and the price was right, even with the extra PP fees added?

As you point out, a deal is deal. I have added the 3% on several occasions that I have not been asked to, as a curtesy. I only completely avoid those transactions that don't accept PP at all. I have been burned before sending a Money Order, and having worked at a bank dealing with Money Orders, I have seen too many customers in the position of having to send in a fee to the MO company in order to even report one as lost/request a replacement.
Thats another thing to think about because the post office charges for a money order so either way you are paying a fee somewhere. Like I said be careful what you wish for.