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May 22, 1999
I've read posts where members mention what they carry with them everyday and the Photon Lights are among their knives and multi-tools. Are they really that good? I looked at several at REI and decided that they were not bright enough. I admit I looked at them in a lit room so how do they perform in the dark?

My wife has a UKE Mini-Pocketlight and I have a Princeton Tec Blast for keychain duty and we both have a AA Mini-Mag Lite that is our daily carry. Now those lights are bright for their size
And the keychain lights are not very big or noticebly present. My wife keeps her Mini-Mag in her purse and I keep mine on my Leatherman sheath which has a loop just for Mini-Maglites and similar sized flashlights. (BTW Brinkmann has a Xenon bulb they developed for their Nexstar flashlights that also fits Mini-Maglites.)

Does anyone attach their Photon to their knife instead of their keys? How did you attach it? Did anyone dare glue it? Did anyone put it on the knifes lanyard? If I were to buy some Photons that would be how I carry it.
The best keychain light is the UKE mini pocket light. I have used Photons, Mini Mags, and mini Streamlights. But the UKE is the best. The newer Photons are much brighter than the old ones though, and they are very small. So I guess it's a matter of preference.
I just started to carry a white Photon on my keychain, and have to say it does work quite well in low light, close quarters situations. Perfect for finding a keyhole or searching for that dropped item in a movie theater.

It is the new style, and is not quite as bright as a Mag Solitare, but it's so much more convenient that it is worth the extra cost. It takes up almost no space on my keychain, so is an easy spare light to carry, or to use when you don't want to blind everyone with your Streamlight Scorpion. My wife loves hers, and they are on my list as stocking stuffers (right after the REKAT Neck Knives

I have a Turquoise one, and while it looks pretty pathetic in the light, it can fill up a dark room pretty easily. It is a nice shade of green too, much easier on the eyes than pure white.

My girlfriend has a white photon, which has an eerie blue-ish hue to it. it doesn't spread as much as the turquoise one, but it can illuminate a small area much more efficiently.

much more convenient to carry than my 4D Maglite
Prior to my dog's getting a hold of it, the Photon I had worked wonderfully, and was one of the best things I've ever seen. Now I'm thirsting for a Krill Lamp as well. Their sheer size and utility are far beyond it's meager price.

In Summation: GET ONE NOW. You'll be glad you did the first time you need it, and you won't even notice it being there.


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The other advantages include long run time and long shelf life with the lithium batteries. They come in several colours for different applications, ie red or yellow won't affect night vision.

The screws for changing the batteries are on the bottom of the light so glueing it down might not be a good idea.
The wife and I have about 4 Photon lights,
have given away about 4 as gifts.

They are great on a keychain next to a Ladybug!

I have done some searches and cannot find,
"UKE Mini-Pocketlight"
Would some one give me a clue?

Mark Camp
O.K. I'll buy at least one. Maybe turqoise.


Let me know what you think of the Krill lamp I plan on buying one each for my three children for halloween. With the midnight sun here in Alaska there is no need right now as the kids are in bed by 10 and the sun don't go down until around midnight.

Have you seen the review at ? The only place I could find it for sale is on the net is at for $25.00.

Mark try and look in the Underwater Kinetics section.

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Our fellow forumite Tim Flanagan <> sells the krills.
I agree with Kelly about Tim Flanagan. I've purchased several Photons and a couple of knives from him and he's a first rate dealer. Let him know what colors you want and he'll fix you up!

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Tim Flanagan!!!!????

You mean that hornswagglin', knife purveyin'

Nah, truth be told, Tim's become a good bud. I have a bunch of Photons I purchased from him, and a Krill which I am testing for LEO purposes as well as activities such as diving, etc.

I hate to say it but his knife prices are pretty competitive as well. (More important though, he checks everything before he ships it so you don't have to go through the hassle of returning items that slipped through the cracks.)

Yeah, I guess I'd recommend him.

At least a cursory glance at my checkbook would seem to say so!


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I agree. Tim is good people. I have a photonII that i bought from Tim on my keychain and am very impressed with it. Hard to beleive how it lights up a dark room. As far as Tim goes, no worries there. Highly recommend doing business with him.....jeff
I bought an orange Photon II from Tim also. I love it. I can't list all of the times it has come in handy.

But I'll tell one...

I went to the Chiricahua Mountains in Southeastern Arizona for a week on a Biology feild trip in May. At night we would set up mist nets for catching bats at various places across the stream. The Photon II lit my path well enough to hop across the boulders and keep me dry. When I didn't need my Photon II, my night vision was preserved. Meanwhile, the others in the group carrying maglites and other assorted lights were asking me if it really worked. They stopped asking when their lights went out and mine kept on shining!

I also just started using a white photon on my keychain. For its size, it is one of the best flashlights I've seen. I also have the orange one - this is actually brighter than the white, and lights up a dark room at night really well.

I'd recommend buying from Frank of Little River Trading Company, . He ships for free if you buy two, and the prices are about the same as everyone elses.

JP Bullivant
I also have several Photons and like them alot, due to their size and lightness. You'll not leave this one at home due to it's bulk, that's for sure. I also got mine from Frank at Little River, where I also got my Spyderco Morans. Nice guy, good service.
I use my photon all the time. Real handy size and puts out quite a bit of light.
Tim has always been first rate with any dealings i've had with him.
mcfg- I got my UKE at Sport Chalet. Don't know if you have one of those by you. UKE make lights for diving, so you could check a dive shop as well. But I haven't found them on the net.
I love my Photon lights, they are so handy specially during emergencies.

I also have those Skylites that has two LED bulbs and uses 9-volt batteries. These things complement my Surefire lights whenever I don't need the blinding light that Surefire gives.

Turquoise I believe is the best bang for the buck.


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