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    Mar 4, 2006
    Hi guys, I'm a disabled LEO. Reading/writing is very difficult for me so please bare with me. Broke my EDC (CKF Morrf) about 6 months ago but haven't found a replacement. Have spent so much time at this it has become a chore, day after day reading knife reviews but can only retain a fraction of what I read. Thought I would have something definite in my sights by now so I could score a holiday deal but I don't so I'm turning to you guys for help.

    My budget is $250, sheeple friendly but at least a 4 inch blade, flipper preferred. Size wise the CRKT Jumbones is at my upper limit but I'm not a fan of the materials. Currently the WE Knives Miscreant 913A is my main contender but I'm having a hard time spending that much on a Chinese knife. Looking for suggestions similar to these knives please and thanks!
  2. ScooterG

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    Mar 15, 2016
  3. craytab

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    Jan 26, 2012
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  4. Sigsog226

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    Dec 3, 2013
    Have to agree ZT's is always a safe way to go. Especially the 0452.
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  5. palonej

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    Aug 5, 2015’ll love it!!
  6. bflying

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Yup, if any 4"+ blade can be described as "sheeple friendly", it's the 0452CF. But maybe to make it more so, you could go for the 0452Ti, and anodize it pink. :) That should help ease tensions when it's pulled at Walmart.
  7. Ryan Thompson

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    Oct 27, 2016
    If you want the WE Miscreant, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.
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    BARBARIAN-X Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 4, 2006
    ZT 0452 is starting to win me over but hasn't turned me from the WE 913 Miscreant. Had a few ZT's but one with a bad heat treat left me soured. I also hate their pocket clips so I would have to purchase a custom clip. Still considering though thanks!

    If I could find a better price than what has been listed for months on the WE Miscreant I would go for it but as I understand it WE Knife CO. will not let it be discounted any further at this time. I could of purchased this back in August for $213, $233 minus a 10% discount code that was offered, but now on Black Friday its still $233? I talked to 3 stores yesterday about this knife, even a 5% discount would of gotten my money, and not one offered anything other than excuses. If I see one in the exchange or I see a sale I'll probably get it.
  9. sharp_edge

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    Jul 30, 2015
    Agree to the suggestion for ZT 0452CF. May also add ZT 0920, two limited runs of which are on sale for $195 apiece.
  10. jp9mm

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    Apr 1, 2019
    The WE 913 is on my short list as well, nice design 4" < 3oz :eek:
  11. lex2006

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    Aug 20, 2014
    If you are in Canada be carefull what you buy if ordering from USA
    Maybe check up on the new CBSA rules.
  12. cistercian

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    Apr 22, 2015
  13. Henry Beige

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    Jun 1, 2015
    I thought this thread was going to be about impea...
    Never mind.
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    Jan 4, 2006


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    Mar 4, 2006
    OMG! Say it ain't so!
    Just checked the prices this side of the boarder and the ZT 0452CF is $263.52 usd and the WE 913 is $308.69 usd...ouch!
  16. DrRollinstein

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    Feb 20, 2018
    We's are incredibly well made and worth the price. Even without a discount, I'd say go for it.
  17. unwisefool

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    Jan 22, 2007
    How did you break the Morrf?

    BARBARIAN-X Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 4, 2006
    Current prices in Canada are over my $250 usd budget so l may have to look at a different knife. Trying to stay under budget so it doesn't feel like losing a testicle if the knife is lost.

    Tried to dig broadhead out of a tree. Had a pass through on a worn broadhead target. Softwood too, spruce, so I was surprised.
  19. unwisefool

    unwisefool Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 22, 2007
    That's what a strong fixed blade is for, not a folder lol
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    BARBARIAN-X Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 4, 2006
    It was the only tool I had on me at the time. I shoot everyday and have done similar with a $12 Enlan EL-02 so I figured the Morrf was good to go. I knew the Morrf would be more brittle so there was nothing exaggerated in my efforts but it broke easily and there was what looked like a rusty spot inside. I assume it wasn't rust but that's the only way I can describe it.

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