Please Help Which Buck is this?

Below is the answer I got...

It does not look at all familiar to me. The stamp/logo on the blade is not something we have ever done either; it looks like our logo, but we have never (to my knowledge) etched that onto a blade like the picture shows.

My guess; a counterfeit.

I have one more person here to ask, just to be sure...
Aaawww, Joe is too tight lipped with top secret's got to be a 2008 proto-type the cleaning crew snuck out of the R&D office:rolleyes:
Secret prototype? I don't know. As far as I can figure, the next secret project MUST be an assembly line in Idaho for the G10 Scholar-Tac. :thumbup: What would be the next size up after a Scholar and Nobleman? Master-Tac?

It's the ONLY logical thing to do. :)
So there it is, straight from the horses mouth. (just a figure of speech Phil :D )

I sure hate to see that sort of thing. At least it is somewhat rare.