Pocket slips

Feb 10, 2013
Please post pics of your favorite pocket slips. I think it's a great way to accessorize a knife as well as being useful.
Bautiful Slip!
I make carbon steel slipjoints and i am afraid a leather slip could tarnish the non-stainless blade and spring, so i started wondering about a simple slip and started making one for each knife.
I just cut and stitch a pouch from a piece of cotton sponge towel or cotton denim... this way i always have something to clean the fingerprints and the pivot oil from the knife after using/oiling, instead of using the t-shirt or jeans i'm wearing. It is simple and prevents the knife from being scuffed by the keys or anything else it's in the pocket, plus i don't have poket's lint inside the knife anymore.
... It is ugly as the hell anyway, i know i can do better ;)
I love my small Collectorknives pocket clip slip. I wanted something that would keep my GEC 77 from feeling like an anvil in my pocket. The clip makes it feel nice and light in my pocket. The exposed top of the knife makes it easy to grab and use, and to put it away as well. The leather is good quality, as is the sewing.

I use an Eze Lap diamond file slip for my Cuban. The file itself is quite nice for putting on a geometry on a knife or sharpening up a bigger blade, but the slip it came in is a beautifully strong leather. Pics tomorrow.

Mine is a simple leather slip my Wife sewed up for me. It works great! Not the fanciest design but an easy one for her to do and duplicate if I need a replacement or more of them for other knives.

My first. I tried doing a distressed leather look to it. Probably should have gone with a darker brown.


Lo / Rez, if that was your tenth try, I'd still be impressed by what an attractive pocket slip it is! :thumbup::thumbup: But for your FIRST attempt, I think that's incredible work! :eek::cool::thumbup: I hope you'll post pics if you make more of them! ;)

- GT
I made this one out of some suede I salvaged from an old Levi's wallet I had as a kid.
I love this simple fold over design that I use because it's simple and less bulky, and the suede leather tends to stay put in my pocket.
I'm glad I found this old wallet because I really like this rich milk chocolate color.
I just ordered two slips from collectorknives. One small-wide and one medium. Pictures to follow with accompanying knives.
I ordered two more because I liked the slip I purchased with my GEC 47.
And another pocket "organizer" that is actually a recycled firefighter wallet. Contents: Peak Eiger AAA flashlight, Fisher Bullet Spacepen, SAK Cadet.
This one made by UK gentleman Mr. Geoff Wood, who made for me a very nice wallet as well


This one I made myself amateur job


Lo / Rez, if that was your tenth try, I'd still be impressed by what an attractive pocket slip it is! :thumbup::thumbup: But for your FIRST attempt, I think that's incredible work! :eek::cool::thumbup: I hope you'll post pics if you make more of them! ;)

- GT

Thanks. I just finished my first slip joint knife tonight so I guess I will be making a new slip for it. I think I will go black this time.


Made this slip for my higonokami. Only slip I use, because I find them unnecessary step from getting your knife to use. :) The reason I have this one is that the knife would not open in the pocket by itself.