POLL:Is the Axis Lock the best folder in the world?

Mar 19, 1999
Hello fella's, i'm just sitting here, with my 2 710sbt's, and i must say, i think these are my favorite, and probly the best folders in the world. In terms of locking, the lock on the axis is awesome, i like it as a utility, a fighter, a play thing, and its overall tactical ways.

My opinion is no. I like the Axis, but steel choice, especially as hard as BM tempers its ATS-34, leaves much to be desired.

Also, the simplistic efficiency of the Sebenza lock is amazing.

Now, an axis lock folder in Talonite -- there would be an awesome blade...

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For my purposes, yes absolutely without a doubt. Certainly not the best defensive OR utility design, but to my thinking a good compromise between the two. There are things I would change, like going back to the G10 spacer over the Delrin one, and making an in-between size to the large and small models. But all in all: it's been a long time since a new-fangled knife has impressed me as much. BM and other manufacturers started constructing with G10 by running screw threads directly into it without any steel reinforcement (threadserts), like the old 970's and 800's. I made so much noise about that they probably changed it for me personally (a little ego-centricism coming at you). Liner-locks are great and I carried them for years. The Mini-Stryker fit my bill for a long time as the perfect folder. Then a lock was finally developed (the Axis) that seems to defy and even thrive on the wear and tear that caused me so much heartache with the Mini-Stryker. There was even a point at which I considered having a custom maker make me more liner-locks for the Mini-Striker; I was going to have them made slightly long where they contacted the tang so that I could dremel-sand them to a perfect fit and always be able to replace them again. That's how nuts I was over that little knife. The Axis, bless it, has renewed my love for the pocket folder.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!

Your enthusiasm is very evident.
We all love our knives,don't we ?
Some more than others.
The axis is a great choice for the best.
But, I still prefer the Reeves folders more.
They enthuse me

The Carnivour is far rougher, but it's still way up there too.
It is a knife that you won't hesitate to use. In that, it's beautiful.
I can't pick one up without grinning.
I think the "best folder in the world" may be an overstatement, but we all look for different things. Personally, I'd rather something that was tip-down with a blade-hole so I could deploy it faster, and would prefer many other steels to Benchmade's over-hard, brittle ATS-34 (440V, VG-10, Solingen 440C, even AUS-8 would be preferable to me... as would ATS-34 at 59-60 Rc). I also don't much care for the handle shape and I'm not sure I'd take the lock over a well-made liner-lock; sure it's stronger, but how is 10x as strong as I need better than 3x as strong? Reliability, yeah, yeah... my AFCK has never failed a spine whack and never closed in any grip under any torque I can apply.

I have to admit the Axis is a fine knife though, best thing Benchmade's done since the AFCK. It will be a classic, no doubt.

I think a simple "no" to your poll question will suffice.

In my opinion, one of the best, in terms of function. I like everything about the 710, blade shape, lock, ergonomics, and looks. The only shortcoming of the knife is the blade steel. An M-2 710 would be a hard package to beat. But the best folder in the world? I don't know. It is a more comfortable knife than the Sebenza, and bigger. The Benza is stronger and has better cutting geometry.

The Darrel Ralph Apogee is hell for strong, and is closer to the 710 for ergos than the Sebenza, and cuts better. I go with the Apogee for the best folder in the world for me.

The REKAT Pioneer is extremely ergonomic, is way strong and reliable, but is rather small and has inconsistant edge geometry. I've had three of 'em, and all had pretty thick edges, i.e. were not very efficient cutters.

The Wood/Irie swing lock is a marvel of strength, design, symmetry, and precision. They are not one-handers though.

A new front runner in the beauty, efficiency, strength, and precision realm is the SpeedTech Synergy.

So it is really hard to say that the 710 is the best in the world, but it is a contender, will be an even more serious contender with an M-2 blade. That is saying a lot for a production blade. I would feel very good about saying it is the best production folder in the world.

I don't know if it is the best in the world, but it is the one in my pocket right now. I guess in some respects that makes it the best.

Actually it is not in my pocket. It is sitting right beside my keyboard. I was playing with it with one hand and the trackball with the other.

I need two hands to type.

I'm hesitant to say best anything, but it is my fave 4" overall folder right now.

Things I would change to make it better:
- thumb hole. The studs are fine, but thumb holes are the winner

- different steel. I'd love to get it in D-2 or 420V, for example.

- index finger cut-out. I feel the Axis has one of the most comfortable handles I've ever used, but I'd sacrifice a little bit of that comfort for a tad more security, and an index finger cutout is the very best next step.

I might also change from a sabre-ground recurved blade to a fully-flat-ground non-recurved blade from slightly thicker stock.

But, even as is, it remains my fave 4" folder bar none.

If you have to make changes to it, then it's not the best in the world, right?

IMHO, No. No way. Uh-uh. Forget it. It's pretty good, but it's not the best.


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Well hey, at least the majority of those who said it isn't didn't say what was


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!

Very strong, very smooth action, comfortable grip, useful blade. Among the best in its price range.

There are other "best" choices in higher and lower price ranges. There are people for whom a Sebenza is their low-price knockabout knife, just as there are people for whom an Ascent or an Endura are exotic and expensive knives, priced beyond their perceived point of diminishing returns.

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I do like the axis lock models and own one of each of them, but I would not say that they are the best folding knives ever. I don't even think that it is the best lock.
I am with Joe.

Thumb hole, index cutout/guard like structure, M2, Full flat grind, would all make it the better, but given it's limitation it is damn good.

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