Poll: you can only have four knives......

Aug 25, 1999
OK-here's the parameters: You can only spend $500.00, and you need to buy the last four knives you'll ever own. These are also the ONLY four knives you'll ever own (no cheating and keeping the ones you already have!) Good Luck!
Well I dont think I culd ever be happy with just four knives but here goes
Busse Mean Street
HI 15" Ang Khola
REKAT Utlity
Sak Camping
I think thats under five hundred.
Well,if I could spend no more than $500 it would be:

1.Chris Reeve Project 1
2.Spyderco Military (Plain edge)
3.Cold Steel Vaquero Grande
4.Victorinox Swisstool

Cool,I own everything on the list!

Here are my choices du jour:

Fallkniven A1 in black with VG-10 steel ($125.00 at Chai Cutlery). Passes the Cliff Stamp tests with flying colors. A large survival knife that is a great value. Can be used as a hunter/skinner.

Fallkniven F1 in black ($70.94 at Discount Knives). A little survival knife equally as tough as the one above. It is adaptable to tactical carry with an edgeworks sheath or something.

Victorinox SAK Champ in red ($57.48 at Discount Knives). This beat out the Leatherman Wave in my buying spree, (I have both), because you just get so many more tools for the money and those are tools I have actually used more than the great LM pliers and its more limited tool set. The Champ is also more versatile and ergonomic than the LM Supertool IMHO. (Besides, I can always carry pliers--we are under a knife restriction in this scenario).

Victorinox SAK Hunter in red ($27.23 at Discount Knives) A locking folder with some additionally useful SAK tools. Small enough to use as a daily casual knife. Not as tough as a Sebenza or a BM Axis Lock, but way more versatile over a lifetime. Given only four knives, my fixed blade Fallknivens would be picking up the slack for the lack of an "indestructible" folder in my collection. BTW, Victorinox SAKs have a great (and inexpensive) repair center for replacing blades or scales or tools or whatever--such policies were not limited in the scenario. If I have sharpened the SAKs too many times and they are worn down, a new blade is inexpensively thrown onto my old knives.

Total: $280.65 minus S&H. I would take the remainder and buy a variety of top notch sharpeners and tuff cloths and a pocket chain saw for cutting sizeable branches or trees. Since I mostly camp/hunt with my knives, I think I'd be well served by them all.
1.Leatherman Micra
2. Camillus Steel Handled U.S. Army
3. Plain Native or Delica
4. Benchmade Mel Pardue 350
5.Spyderco Starmate 50/50
This is a list for light duty to moderate levels of work. If I were really pushed, I would delete one of these knives for my Ontario machete.
1.Leatherman Micra
2. Camillus Steel Handled U.S. Army
3. Plain Native or Delica
4. Benchmade Mel Pardue 350
5.Spyderco Starmate 50/50
This is a list for light duty to moderate levels of work. If I were really pushed, I would delete one of these knives for my Ontario machete.
here is my first list:
1. Chris Reeve Mountaineer I
2. Bob Dozier Yukon Skinner
3. Emerson CQC6
4. Leatherman Wave
I'm sure i'll revise it at least once after reading some of yours!
ptpalpha: You list is more than $500.

I would say;

Lg Sebenza
Spyderco Delica
Newt Livesay (Wicked Knives) Bow Hunting Buddy
Leaving 75 dollars for whatever...

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Livesay HKR (or RTAK)

CPM440V plain edge Spyderco Military / M2 plain edge AFCK (Tied!)

Livesay NRG (The 1095 version)

Not that I'd need a 4th with the above....but how about a Talonite Wambli from Rob Simonich?

CRK Large Sebenza - If I was quick earlier today it could have been had for $250.00 on the For Sale forum.

CRK Shadow IV - Currently being offered for $190.00 on the For Sale forum.

And I am sure that I could get a SAK Spartan and a Swisstool somewhere for the remaining $60.00.

It pays to shop around

Cold Steel SRK (2nd)
Cold Steel Ghurka Kukri (2nd)
Cold Steel Trailmaster (2nd)
Chris Reeve Sebenza, my only way I'll ever own one, by dreaming...

gotta love 2nd's... =)
Big Livesay knife
Falkniven F1
Tony Bose/Case trapper

(I think . . .)

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Eye-You're right. So here's my revised list:
CRK Mountaineer I...........$175
Leatherman Wave..............$70
Dozier Yukon................$150
Emerson CQC7................$80
How's that?
Only four ...... For a big knife I'll go with a HI/GH khukuri, preferably one of the full tang models that seem to be more common now. The WWII seems to be a popular size but a slightly bigger one will do too. For a slicer I'll go with a Dozier, something like the Straight Hunter but the bit less than 5in Guide or Elk looks good too. Although I've only had a Leatherman for several months now so far I agree with lawdog on plier tool vs SAK as my Champ seemed to get used more often than my Leatherman does. I like the the little sheath with compass, stone and such too so I'll stick with the Victronix Champ. I guess a folder makes sense as the last knife, and although I haven't seen one or heard anything about them I'll chance one of the Buck BG42 models.

Other options would be one of the Livesay 12in combat machetes instead of a khukuri, which would probably be better on brush but I'll guess not on bigger wood, and one of the Fallkniven knives instead of the Doziers, which might pry better but won't cut as well. For the folder I'd prefer a traditional build with steel in the handle instead of plastic and aluminum that one sees on most of the 'tacticals', and would probably also be happy with a carbon steel Trapper or Stockman from someone.
An old used Blackjack Anaconda (10" blade)$75 (final auction price at ebay)
A Hossom Millenium Fighter $225 www.hossom.com )
A REKAT pocket Hobbit ($130 at knife center).
SAK hunter ($30)

The rest to cover S&H, as well as purchasing kydex so I can make sheaths for them.


i already have three of them.....
I have the S.O.P., Little pecker, Air Assault...and number four would be a basic 9 or Rtak. I love newts blades

I'd say that I need one knife for meat, one for bread, one for vegetables and one to eat with. I guess the small one for vegetables could be something to be used for general utility. But it seems most people haven't understood the poll to include knives to eat and prepare food with, and only regular production knives, so I'll answer in that manner too:

Fällkniven S1
Spyderco Starmate and Executive
Executive Edge, the smaller

But I actually think it's possible to remain under the budget if one includes a custom designed and made knife, and in that case I could consider replacing the first and second ones on this list with something like the one I designed for myself (see URL below for details).

Urban Fredriksson

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Livesay RTAK ($150)
Leatherman Supertool ($60)
Spyderco Military ($100)
Spyderco Moran and kydex sheath ($80)

I would buy a sharpmaker with the left over money


Ricky Fowler Indian Belt knife
Dozier Pro Guide knife
Simonich Cetan in D2
Wenger Skinner

Actually... that may be closer to $550
Livesay RTAK..............150.00
Busse Steel Heart.........300.00

That's $500! Out of bucks...Oh well, I'd rather have 3 great blades for $500.