Post your Arno Bernard Pic's!

Those of you that have both, which do you prefer? Flipper, or flipper delete?
I'm thinking flipper delete for the one I want too.

Do you have one with washers and one with bearings?

I do, however, I put the washers in myself. It was a little bit of R&D with ABKnives I did on the original run of iMamba’s with doing the delete and washers myself.

That being said, my other is on bearings and has been used a bunch on construction jobs. I have no issues with either the washers or bearings for strength. Both have worked well.

The Bernards do amazing work and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any of the options.

Hope that helps.
First of all thanks to C cutchu for making me aware this sub forum existed. I've really enjoyed going through this thread and seeing all the pics of y'all's AB knives.
I've only had my iMamba for a few weeks but I'm very impressed with it.
I have one Shiro and several CR knives and so far I'd have to say this one is the best of both worlds. It has the feel of a CR with the perfect size for across the board carry for me, not to small and not too large. Flipper knives are my favorite and the AB fills my hand a little better than my Neon.
I have a preorder in for one with kudu bone that I'm excited about, but until it arrives there's this.


Thank you.

I anodized the pivot collars (rings) and the standoff bronze myself. I also anodized a CRK lanyard pin that is in the lanyard holes. It fit perfectly. :)
I have CRK lanyard pins for large and small Sebenza 31, which one fits the iMamba? Thanks.
I have CRK lanyard pins for large and small Sebenza 31, which one fits the iMamba? Thanks.

Hey Doc. It’s a large pin that fits.
However, if you are going to disassemble the iMamba, keep in mind that the pivot is loose bearings and they will fall out everywhere.