Post your NWA knives in use

Mar 18, 1999
My most used, and most cherished knife is the Sierra Scout, this thing goes with me all the time when I'm hiking, backpacking or just playing in the woods.


My Woodsman, awesome chopper and all around camp knife


The Stinger, all around perfect little knife for everything!

The TK (I like that name :D) I sent Nick a drawing and he made it for me. Love it.


Sweet pics Bro:thumbup: I figured you'd like the name of that one. Got any name ideas? take a look at my other posts.

I love that "TK", I think it's the best looking of Nick's that I've seen. If my play fund grows again, I believe I'll have to try one of those. :thumbup:
I am proud that you guys like it! It is the perfect size for just about everything. And those pics are from several months ago, it doesn't look near as shiny now either. It is well loved :)
I was using my Sierra Scout to split firewood ,my son used a BK2,
Nick he did not want to dirty up the Stinger , LOL !!!! Meridian,Tx State park . Great park ,next trip will be primitive camping on other side of lake... great hiking trails.. wore the NWA on my belt friday thru sunday 5-15-17-08 NWA worked Flawless on every tasked asked of it !
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Great pics Tony:thumbup: Your son looks at home working at those tasks too. Alwyas nice to see some usefull skills being learned:) Tell hime not to worry about getting his knife dirty....... It adds character:)

Thanks Nick,
Yeah I told him that , LOL ! He loves to be bare footed and outside.... I let him split 20 logs or so and also let him use the firesteel to get the fire going ....
Finally getting around to putting some pics up in here :eek::) Camping this coming weekend, and Nick's fine Sierra Scout will be on the belt, woohooo! :thumbup: I'll check back in within a week!
Hi guys

I just posted a newbieish comparison review between Woodsman and Fallkniven A2 here:

My impressions with the Woodsman were overwhelming positive, but I have a few questions, mostly due to my lack of experience.

I have a DMT coarse-fine, an array of sandpaper up to 1200 grit, a sharpmaker and a Slipstrop.

Which is the best method I can choose in order to put the edge back to hair popping sharp as it came to me, instead of only more or less shaving?

If I were to sand the slabs to get a little more grip, which grit should I use?

Kind Regards.
Thanks for the honest review:thumbup: If you wanted to add some grip to the handle, I would say sand blast it. If that is not an option, go with, 80 or 100 grit paper.

As for the sharpening, I use a Gatco kit to sharpen all of my knives. I like this method and it is available to anyone. Other than that, I really don't know what to tell you, as far as getting the edge you want. It simply takes a lot of practice to get a perfect edge. The main thing is don't rush it, and make sure you create a even burr all the way down the edge length.

Thanks again
Thanks a lot Nick.

As I suspected, the way to get better at sharpening is practice and patience, and then, more practice... :D

Hey, I just forgot to mention that your fit and finish are the best I have seen, the flats are almost ridiculously simmetric and pretty!:thumbup::thumbup:

Kind Regards,

Hello from France .
I received a Woodsman lately, here are some photographs and my first impressions .


To sum up : the woodsman is a good knife, the finish is excellent, Nick does good job . A reproach : the handle is too small in height (see the sketch) .
I finished the tests by making a wood spoon :

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Great pics, it's really great to see Nicks knives in other parts of the world.
Thanks for posting. You are the first to say the handle needs to be larger friend:eek: I will definitley take this into consideration.

You must really have a large grip.