Post your NWA knives in use

this knife is my go to knife for all, backpacking, sailing, kitchen duty - i have yet to take it camping. i have a trip in just 2 short weeks. so many knives have come and gone out of my collection, this one seems to have earned a permanent place with me and has actually inspired me to 'stop collecting' knives. i think it's the fixed blade that sees the most use in my rotation at the moment. it's very comfortable and just the right size for me. i find it useful for all of my outdoor sports. not too big and not too small. comfortable for short hikes and long hikes. it's just a good all around knife. i think i can finally say, that i have found my PERFECT knife. i wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being my one and only fixed blade.

when it was brand spankin new.

trout cleaning. i just can't leave this knife at home when i go fishing. i'm embarrassed to admit it actually kicked out my gossman micro tusker for fish duty.

and sailing w/ my leatherman.

just chilling on my desk. :D. seriously, this knife sits on my desk, just so i can pick it up and hold it. i know, weird. but it's so dang comfortable, i can't help it!
I know this is an old thread but I'm going to kick it open again. I just received my first NWA knife (used Stinger) and love it. I have a nice used White Creek on its way also. After some conversations with Nick yesterday, I have a new Sierra Scout on order. Now comes the dreaded wait. :)