Post your NWA knives

Yippppieh! :)

Today Beisser / Arne sended me the left-handed sheath for my Scout!:thumbup:

Thanks, Arne!

And thanks Nick, of course! ;)

That blade looks very good, Brian! :thumbup:

And I see you´re left handed like me!

A very nice sheath! :)
Here's the other one I received yesterday.


It's made up from a drawing I did and sent to Nick.

It's 10" OAL, 5" blade, and 5" handle.
1/8" thick A2 with Nick's belt finish.
Green Micarta scales with the thumb scallop for extra purchase in the chest-lever grip.

GREAT blade!!:thumbup::thumbup:

You guys are killing me!! No way to get my hands on a new one until Nick gets rolling again. d*mn .....
After having a couple surprise issues with rust (must have been some water in the sheath still....), I decided to try forcing a patina on my Sierra Scout to speed the process along. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it'll help protect the blade. Here are the results:



Looking good man. I like the way the hardened part takes a darker color. I have gotten a freckle or two of red on mine, but they seem to wipe off easily. I am in a drier area than you are though, and rust doesn't seem to happen much. But I bet that patina will help quite a bit, and it looks good too :thumbup:
Having the hardened part come out darker was unexpected, but I agree, it is a nice surprise. :)

Yeah, if anything, usually it's a little surface spot here or there, that wipes off easily. But one day, while preparing dinner, I got sidetracked and neglected to dry the blade thoroughly after rinsing it off. I was surpised to see quite a bit of rust by the time I returned to the kitchen after the meal. That was my own fault though.

This last time, I had rinsed my sheath out because I was clambering around sandstone on a hike earlier and grit had gotten in. I guess the sheath hadn't completely dried out by the time I stuck my mineral-oiled knife back in. A day or two later, I took it out and voila, there was a few spots of rust that had actually started to pit a little (very slight, but there).

And yeah, it has been more humid up here than normal recently with the rain we've been having, so that could be contributing.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes :thumbup:
That's a stylin' pic man, I like it! I love the look of the lichen on rocks, the knife stands out great on there.
Hey HikingMano... I missed seeing your NWA when I came down last week!!! I guess that means you'll have to bring it up with you when you come up here for the shoot....I hope to have mine by then too if Nick can get his shop back up and running!!!:D

Great Pics My Friend!!!:thumbup:

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Hey Stump! :)

I actually had it with me, just didn't think to bring it out with all the sword and gun excitement going on :D But you're right, I'll just have to bring it up :thumbup: Are you getting another fine piece by Nick? Did you ever post a pic of your matching Scout and revolver?

Hope things are going well for you up there, bud :thumbup: