Post your NWA knives

NWA Sierra scout today(next to my BHK PLSK Scout)



My Scout in O1 toolsteel with black micarta handle & lefty sheath with Dangler-loop! :thumbup:

My custom order of a Raptor with german legal blade!


The Raptor of a friend and my Custom

My biggest is the Woodsman, but this Custom would be something to think about next .... :rolleyes:

Looks really good! :thumbup:

Edit: But next comes a very special Sierra Scout! :p
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Peter, I really like your shortened Raptor; what's the blade length on that one, and would you happen to know what it weighs?
Sorry, don´t know the weight!
The blade length of the small version is 4 3/4".

^^^ Some posts before in this thread here I posted a pic of the normally Raptor together with the shorter special one!
I know, I keep drooling over it :) The backpacking knife I am going to want Nick to make for me is going to be somewhat similar.
That is a knife! :eek:

Not mine, but that one is a burner and I have to show it!

That beast measures 13 1/4" oal with a 8" edge!!!

Next on my list for sure!!! :thumbup:

Great looking knife!
I got in a slightly shorter TK(8.75") and a Stinger last week. Just now getting time to get a crappy widow light pic. I love the workmanship and finish on these knives. There real lookers, but you can tell there made to be used hard:thumbup:


edit- sold Stinger, took pic down. It was a fine knife, but small for my hand.