Post your pet photos here!

One of my ex-gfs had an Australian Cattle Dog, I swear she was smarter than some of the people I know.

Gooey, You aren't far off, she listens and picks up on my verbal and non verbal cues really fast! Plus she's always with me so I'm digging that too!
Finally got some decent pics of the new pup. Everyone, meet Weber...




He is roughly 8 months old, breed mix is unknown but am educated guess is Sheltie mix. He has the traits of a herder, the drive as well. Training him is going to be tough, this is the wife's dog and she has a habit of undoing all my work with dogs in about half a day! Though, it will still be easier to train the dog than to try and train the wife, lol!

That's a good lookin' mutt. Dude, you are getting pretty good with that camera.

Though, it will still be easier to train the dog than to try and train the wife, lol!

I know exactly what you mean! Way back when I first got my male pit Taz, he would eat my ex GF shoes. She would scream and throw a fit,tell me I needed to make that dog stop eating her shoes. I told her "pick your shoes up" After about 4 pairs of expensive shoes she was perplexed at why he did not eat my shoes. I looked at her thinking REALLY???. I told her " I PICK UP MY SHOES!" I was able to train Taz to stop eating (and I do mean eating) her shoes before I could get her understand that simply picking her shoes up and putting them in the closet would have fixed the problem. :confused:
dunt you love it when your dog rolls in something dead or in poop? Goodgawd!!
Lol, always makes for a fun time when you discover that after they jump into your lap!

Oscar! Show name (j/k) Princess Oscario Banana Hammock Poo Pants. He really is a princess!!!!

As a pup...




All grown up...

This is my little girl, Tessie. She is a big baby, but at 115 pounds, she can be a very intimidating presence. She is a true gentle giant, but one can never underestimate the power or protectiveness of a Rottweiler.