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Post your pet photos here!

I have a lot of pets, but since I mostly see dogs and cats in this thread, I'll throw in a reptile. Akantor
Nice looking bearded dragon! I always liked them. A friend of mine just rescued a uromastyx from some kids that were abusing it. Those are really cool lizards! They look like dinosaurs!

I think I need to buy a trainer.


( insert high pitched 80's rocker hair metal scream )
This is my girl Tessie. 115 pounds of love bug, but still a Rottweiler. About a year ago, we had a guy from the gas company come into our yard unannounced to check the line location. Tessie was out back where she usually hangs out. We heard a man hollering in the yard, and I ran out to see what was going on. There's the gas man standing there frozen in his tracks hollering, with Tessie standing ten feet from him. He said that she never made a sound and never barked but just "showed up" behind him. He said it really freaked him out when he sensed something and turned around to see her right there watching him. She was on the job!
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Cats are awesome - My best buddy; love this little fella. Manx breed, he is - very good at hunting, everything from mice to birds and squills. Born without a tail, longer rear legs which makes him very good at jumping upwards, runs like a rabbit...