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posting intimidation factors

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It's pretty simple. If you want people to read and reply to your posts, make them interesting enough to read and reply to. Posting something that says "Busse's are cool!" "sTrIdEr KnIvEs rool dud3z!", then don't expect a hefty reply. Flesh out the opinions with substance.

I don't know what you're bitching about, but as I see it the Forums are full of people who love knives, know a lot about them, love to talk about them, and are eager to help others in most knife-related and many non-knife-related ventures and discussions. Some people are a bit confrontational, some are a bit easily offended, but for the most part I see good-natured knife related discussion. I don't really see anything to complain about at all.

BTW, what kind of pyramid do you recommend keeping a razor blade under, and what, exactly does this do? I really don't understand what you're saying.
And that goes to my other point namely with the strong pressure brought to bear by people like you to conform to the "norm" of the forums they will be no different than before either, because no one dears to say something new !

Oh, please. Now I'm "pressuring" you? Don't be absurd. I have only as much power over you and your behavior as you are willing to give me.

I get an average of 40 shaves with a razorblade (gillette mach 2) by keeping it under the pyramid. After that what usually deteriorates is the white glider stuff. The blade is still in good servicable condition (does not scrape). Before you dismiss something out of hand why don't you try it ? You might be surprised if you are not to afraid to try something NEW.

Yes, that's it. I don't leave my disposable razor under a pyramid because I fear the mighty power of said pyramid.

I find administering brief electric shocks to myself by licking a common, used, almost-dead 9-volt battery enhances my reflexes and lengthens my memory. Before you dismiss something out of hand, why don't you try it? You might be surprised if you are not afraid to try something new.

excuse me I am a troll now for pointing out something you do not want to hear ? come on ! this is excactly my point about the whole situation the pressure to conform to the norms of this forum or else.....

You wrongly assume that because we do not agree with what you say, we simply "do not wish to hear it." You might consider the fact that what you say is actually incorrect, at which point you might understand why things have gone so badly.

Go ahead and admit it, Razor--you sleep under a pyramid to enhance and maintain your keen wit.

Actually, it's a trapezoid, built of cold-rolled brass with cores of pure selenium. At night I travel Astrally to the Realm of Spirit Knives, where I battle evil magickal trolls with a pair of blessed Phurbas and a walrus-bone sword fashioned by the hillpeople of Tibet. So you can imagine why trolls here set me off, so.

Another bickering no-knife content thread. Peachy.

Elvis -- I know, they do get tiresome at times. I just can't resist responding when people post things I consider to be false -- and I like to get the last word. Character flaw on my part, I guess. ;)
Ok, this thread is closed. You guys want to snipe at each other, take it offline.

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