Preview of J. Powell's upcoming book

Very cool!!! I have a customers khukuri identical to the alloy handle with sheath in very good shape. I recognize one of the canvas frogs in the pics.
I can't wait until this book comes out.
Good job!!!!!!
A forthcoming book by John Powell.

Word that Howard is getting it on with a book.

And Uncle writing a chapter for Howard's book. ( In addition to taking this BF HI Forum to 36K posts alone plus the posts on the KF original HI Forum and archives. That has got to have at least one book in it's files! )

Sounds like we've got excellent info on khuk types and collecting from John, probably a cultural explanation of forces that shaped Nepal and the khuk from Howard, and ton after ton or high-grade ore from Bill's forums on the people of Nepal.

It's a privilege to know each of you ( John, Howard, Bill ) and many others on this forum. That still doesn't mean the three of you can bend over without checking to make sure it's safe from getting goosed.
What you're seeing is a first draft. Revisions are in the works as we speak to get rid of some inacurracies which were totally my fault.

This is going to be a VERY LONG process, but once it is done, say 2010, it would be a nice small addition to the books by Martino and Wallace.

Where do I sign up for a copy? And can I get it autographed?

--Mike L.

What goes around...comes around.
This is very exciting news and you already have a sell here! Has any other books been written about Khukuries? Cheers Ron

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Excellent! I'll order 2 of each.


Better? I think not, but I ain't got the wisdom to leave things like this alone.

I have an outline for a book. A few ideas, lot's of pictures that need to have detailed descriptions and a couple really good people helping me from looking too ignorant.

There seems to be a real desire for a book on kuks so I'll keep at it.

Thanks for everyone's encouragement and here's one of the photos from the article.

A:Mk I, B:Mk I variant, C:Mk II, D:Jodphur


I sure hope we will be notified when this book is for sale. I know I would like to buy one....

best regards
John, will you also be talking about Ram Daos in the book? I'd like to know the names of the different types, especially of the kind I own:

Great, after I read John's book I might actually know something about khukuris

Good job John, and I'll go with Will, write faster
John that's a Looonnnnggggg time for some of us to wait!!!!!
And like everyone else I am waiting with much anticipation. Unlike many of my most recent book purchases this will be one book I will read upon arrival.


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John --- 2010? Of course ... I guess you can make it earlier ... maybe before 2005!


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