Production knifes

Jul 15, 2001
Currently I own knifes by Benchmade, CRKT, Spyderco
benchmade knifes are truly wonderful. My Spyderco Viele is on the way so I can't pass judgement yet
CRKT are a good value for the price.

Question is................

What do you experts consider the best "production" knifes?
you have chosen a well travelled topic.none the less it always brings up good've done the best start by trying out more than one knife/maker.i personally carry Buck knives. they work well for me.way too many great brands out here, so i stick with what i grew up will find what you work best with and the search is only half the'll end up with a nice collection.:)
guy g
You'll get lots of ideas with this question--mainly because it's so broad. But I feel like giving my opinion today, so:

Best Quality Control: Spyderco

(Worst Quality Control: REKAT)

Best Lock: Benchmade Axis

Best Bang for the Buck: CRKT

Best Opening Method: Spyderco Hole

(Worst Opening Method: Those Damn Thumb Discs)

Overall winner, considering cost and all: Higher-end Spyderco

Oh yeah, best value in fixed blades has to go to Becker.
Hi Slicer,

It should not be long before the Microtech fans strongly cast their vote here for folders. MT is an example of outstanding quality in manufacturing.

For fixed blades, Randell's have been respected "forever." (No flames here please on whether Randell's knives are a "custom" or "manufactured" blade...I feel they are a manufactured blade...others may call them custom).
I'll second the vote for Buck. I have a bundle of Bucks, and haven't been disappointed yet. They have very good quality control, and actually sharpen all of their blades to a very good edge. Nothing rips me more than getting a dull knife. Buck also stands behind their knives, so repair issues are never a problem. Unlike many companies, you can even order custom Bucks, which is totally awesome.

I only have a smattering of knives from other brands, so I can't make a broad statement about quality as a whole for these companies. I'll bet that Marbles and Chris Reeve are top knotch though, if my knives are any indication. And as a loyal New Yorker, I have to put in a good word for Camillus. They bend over backwards to please their customers.
I'm more of a fixed blade fan, so I'll wade in here with the following production knives in no particular priority:

1. Falkniven - Good knives, good value.
2. SOG - I especially like their Government Model and Seal Pup.
3. Busse - Oh, yeah, INFI + Good Design = Great knives
4. CRK - All of them!

Buy them, use them, they's make more. :)
I don't look at brands but individual knives-arguing about brands is pointless, if there was a true "best" the rest would all be out of business, and we'd all have the same knife (and how boring would that be?).
My personal favorites/opinion:
Benchmade 710HS (best heavy-duty/working folder)
Chris Reeve small Sebenza (best sub 3" "pocket" knife)
Camillus Talon (best small fixed blade-mine's 154CM)
Camillus BK&T Patrol Machete (first good machete I've owned, and my newest blade, so had to mention it:))
Busse Combat (best large/heavy-duty fixed blades-ok, I'm naming a brand here, but the Combat Series are all similar in construction with the only real variation being blade length).
I started buying customs/handmade knives last year, but I still like production knives. I have knives by; Spyderco, CRK&T, Bechmade, Cold Steel, Gerber, AG Russell, J. Russell & Co., Outdoor Edge, Case, Kershaw, Camillus, Parker-Edwards and Victrinox and they're all fine knives. Some are exceptional, the Spyderco/Horn C27 and the Gerber Paul can stand up to any custom knives I've seen.

Knives I'm waiting on; DeltaZ's collaborations with Tim Herman and Darrel Ralph "Osprey", Camillus Jerry Fisk Bowie, Kershaw's Chive, Scallion and Double-Cross.

Lots of great knives out there.
Have to agree with OwenM on this one. There are many good production companies out there. As far as individual knives, my favorites are:
CRK small Sebenza
Victorinox Pocket Pal
Opinel #8
Spyderco Native
Spyderco SpyderCard

I think it would be a lot easier to list the worst ones... So here are mine.:barf:

Smith & Wesson's
United Cutlery (Frost)
Count me as the first vote for Microtech as the best production knife! :cool:

I would put Chris Reeve knives up there too but I really don't consider them to be true production knives but rather a custom brand.

My first love was Case knives, followed by many other brands before I finally found the Microtech. :) That was a beautiful day! :D
Narruc, I have to admit I try to avoid commenting on your posts, but this last one really got me. I don't know enough about the other companies you mentioned, but one seems to be totally out of place for me. Camillus on your Worst List? I carry a Camillus EDC and I love it, and I've handled dozens of Camillus knives and never found the quality to be anything but great. As I said above I'm waiting for the Fisk Bowie to come out and I would order one without hesitation sight unseen.

Please enlighten me, how did Camillus make your list? Where do you find them lacking in quality? How many have you owned that you were unhappy with? Why did you take this thread and try to put a negative spin on it? Which is by the way why I don't comment on your posts.
Thank you for the replies.
Maybe I mis worded my question. I have experience with benchmade, CRKT and I have one spyderco and another on the way. I didn't count my Swiss Army stuff.
CRKT does indeed offer a great knife for the money but I guess I'm looking for things that are as close to "custom" as possible as far as quality goes.
I really like my benchmade 710 in M-2 steel. I like my benchmade auto. The CRKT knifes are nice but not as high end as I am seeking.
The one Spyderco I have currently is a nice knife but not something I consider to be outstounding.

What brands would you guys say is at least equal to a benchmade or possibly of a higher quality in material, construction and execution?
Originally posted by slicer
What brands would you guys say is at least equal to a benchmade or possibly of a higher quality in material, construction and execution? [/B]


I would have to say as far as quality materials and workmanship, MicroTech should fit the bill. If you like auto's, Masters of Defense, Pro-Tech, and White Wolf step in just behind MicroTech. As far as quality manual folders, Benchmade is about the top, without getting into "customized", and "semi-custom" like Chris Reeves, Delta-Z and William Henry knives.

Hope this helps,
Since everyone insists on calling it a production operation, Chris Reeve Knives gets my vote fot the best.

I have never handled a Microtech or Chris Reeve excepts for a few brief moments, so I can't really comment on those.

My Masters of Defense Hornet is my highest "quality" folder in terms of execution. Tied with or right below it would be my Klotzli KLM-2.

The balance of my knives are mostly Spyderco and Benchmade (with a few old Buck knives, CRKT, GT, Kershaw and Boker).

I have found Spyderco and Benchmade to be virtually identical in quality (fit, finish, grind, sharpness, lock-up).

I have many more Spyderco knives because they simply have a much more inventive design approach than Benchmade.

Oh yeah, I have a Gerber LMF fixed blade knife which I think is better executed that any of the Randall Knives that I bought in the late 70's.
Microtech is IMHO the best production knife company, but CRKT and Benchmade are the best deals.
camillus is top notch as far as knives go...or as far as anything goes.

i have never seen a shoddily made knife from them. their service is great. for what you get you pay very little. at the blade show they were even selling off their show pieces for cheap.

i dunno. if you got crappy customer service from them once or something,i think you should give them another chance.