Production knifes

What brands would you guys say is at least equal to a benchmade or possibly of a higher quality in material,

William Henry
Chris Reeves

Both higher in fit and finish and usually materials also.

Thanks Maurice, maybe I will give them another chance. Thanks for a reply without getting nasty! Its nice to hear from someone with a little class.:)

I did get bad customer service from them, but it was a while ago. I bought one of their Cartridge series knives, and when I received it the scales were all most off, and the bolsters scratched. It took me 2½ months, and many phone calls, to get a new knife from them. Thanks again for your input...:)
Microtech, SOCOM Elite
Fällkniven, G1 Garm Fighter
Spyderco, Native Lightweight
Cold Steel, Safe Keeper 2