Proof Of Busse (and Kin) Superiority

Discussion in 'Busse Combat Knives' started by Micro-Bevel, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Jan 21, 2010
    Try youtube.
  2. dingy


    Feb 19, 2008
    thanks man , i tried ,but get nothing .

    do you have one more clue?
  3. dingy


    Feb 19, 2008
    who have more pics about that knife ? can it back to straight?
  4. Micro-Bevel


    Apr 25, 2010


    "Hey gang!!!!

    Been from one doctor to another all day today with the twins . . . . They're doin' great!!!!

    Came home. . . pased out on the couch. .. just woke up!!!!. . . . This has been my first chance to see the forums today. . . . . and I just read this post!

    Cool Squatch. . . . No worries. . . . All is well. . . . That edge looks just like INFI looks when it is too thin for a high impact application. . . no biggie! Doesn't look like actual chipping. More like severe denting and ripping. If it had chipped, it would have gone right back into the sheath. . . .

    Ain't nothin' wrong with beating your Busse knives stupid, that's what they're designed for. . . . AND if you're gonna convex grind them with a belt sander, there's a good chance that you're gonna thin them out. . . perhaps more than they should be for a certain application. You should see the deeply hollow ground straight razor that I made with a 62 Rc blade after I chopped into the vise with it!!!!! Using the phrase "Denting and ripping" along the .004" edge would be an understatement!!!

    Judging by the pic of the fix below, I would venture to say that the edge looks extremely thin right in front of the choil. Very common occurrence when resharpening with a belt.

    So, PLEASE MAN!!!!!! Before you use it again, PLEASE SEND IT BACK! We've got lots of frozen wood in Ohio and we'll make the edge right for the application. . . Give us the chance man!!!. . . Put us in coach!!!!!. . . . . We'll make you proud!!!!. . . .

    Let's Drink!!!!!! "


    "We have NEVER refused to fix or replace any Busse knife for free. . . . Never Ever!!!!!. . . . No matter what the circumstances. . . . .

    Send it to:

    Busse Combat Knife Co.
    Attn. Big Drunk Guy
    11651 Co. Rd. 12
    Wauseon, OH 43567

    Thanks man!!!!


    "I certainly don't see any intention in GarySoneji's actions to have killed his little Skeleton Key so please return both pieces to the Busse Combat Shop and we will replace it with a brand spankin' new one. . .

    As for the broken little SK. . . Rest In Peace my little nuclear friend. . . Soon you will be home and we will re-profile you and put you to work in our shipping room for the next 60 years!!!



    "We have NEVER refused to fix or replace any Busse knife for free. . . . Never Ever!!!!!. . . . No matter what the circumstances. . . . .

    Send it to:

    Busse Combat Knife Co.
    Attn. Big Drunk Guy
    11651 Co. Rd. 12
    Wauseon, OH 43567

    Thanks man!!!!



    Way to go Jerry!


    "Holy nuclear pallets Batman!!!!! Send it in, we'll bury her for you right next to Cliff's, then we'll replace her. . . . you're covered!. . . . errrrr. . . I mean we have just rewritten our guarantee to only cover non-abusive mishaps. Only string cutting and envelope opening are covered. Sadly, you are screwed out of your investment. . . Whoa! Wait a minute! I just re-read this thread. . . I thought that it was Cliff that broke the knife. . . . OwenM, YOU are covered! I just wanted to join the long list of makers and manufacturers who change their warranty when it involves covering Cliff

    Nuke on!

    Jerry "

    PS_ the things in " " are things that Jerry said in response to people who broke their Busses using them in the most extreme ways :)
  5. Micro-Bevel


    Apr 25, 2010

    "Good Question.

    We define MAJOR damage as anything that might adversely affect the main functions of your knife. . . albeit cutting, chopping, prying, abusing,. . etc. . .

    We cover everything other than cosmetics. . . scratched coating, rust, etc. . . Knives will go dull. . . even Busses. . . just not as often. We resharpen for the cost of return shipping.

    Note that the Busse Warranty covers prying and abuse. . . yes, even Cliff is covered. . . You will not find another company, that I'm aware of, that has been in business for more than 10 years that offers this level of coverage. Most NEW companies offer big, bad unlimited lifetime guarantees. Big deal! Those guarantees will change as soon as someone pounds the sand out of one of their blades. Cliff Stamp has been personally responsible for many maker's and manufacturer's warranties biting the dust. His abusive use of a knife has made many manufacturers and makers step up to the plate and prove that "talk is cheap". Lifetime Warranty? Read their fine print. . . . You'd better be cutting string when your knife breaks or you will have most likely voided their warranty and "abuse" always "VOIDS" these other warranties. Our warranty doesn't go into effect until you start to abuse your knife.

    We are entering our 20th year in knifemaking. If it's a Busse. . . it's guaranteed. Period. We don't offer excuses, we offer protection against any problems that you might have.

    I have a tendency to get a little fired up on this subject.

    Hope this helps,

    Jerry Busse "

    More warranty awesomeness!

    Some retro Busse COmbat :


    "The Recipe For The Perfect Steel

    More than ten years of research have gone into the development of our new steel known as INFI. Many of the top metallurgists in the country were interviewed and surveyed to discover what they believed would constitute the "perfect" knife steel. Many common denominators were established and when the smoke cleared, the analysis was in hand. INFI is this steel and it offers an unparalleled combination of edge holding and toughness. Coupled with our proprietary Transversion Wave tempering Busse Combat has attained a level of performance that has become synonymous with the term "indestructible". As the performance graphs demonstrate, INFI constitutes a knifemaker's dream steel and what we have found to be the perfect steel / tempering combination for our knives.

    Unlike many "mystery" steels that have been introduced in the past, INFI has a particular analysis that is unlike any other steel on the market. In the not too distant future, we will be unveiling the analysis of INFI. It should be known that a select number of people from the cutlery and metallurgy fields have been selected to sign confidential disclosure forms, and review the analysis. All agree that this steel is like no other, and almost defies the laws of what most understand to be true about knife metallurgy. We believe that once you see the analysis and understand the science behind the steel, you will likewise, be shocked. INFI will certainly have a dramatic effect on the high performance knife industry. Plans are already being worked out to make INFI available to selected custom knifemakers.

    P.S. We are already hard at work trying to design a new steel that will make INFI obsolete. "

    PS- still waiting for that new steel ;)


    "Busse Joins the War Against Terrorism

    Busse Combat is donating over $40,000.00 of high performance bladeware to our troops to be used in the war against terrorism. This is NOT a tax-deductible donation. It is simply Busse Combat's way of supporting our troops and assuring that they have the highest performance knives on the planet when they may need them most."

    Simply awesome-

    More retro Busse FAQ's:

    "What kind of Warranty covers the knife?
    The warranty explained by Jerry Busse:
    "Busse Combat is proud to have the toughest warranty in the industry. Busse Combat Grade, Combat Basics, and Combat Customs are guaranteed for life against any and all MAJOR damage.

    We have been asked recently how modifications of our knives might affect our warranty. Modifications can change the very nature and authorship of a knife. Simply put, we cannot warrant workmanship that we do not perform. Specifically, if you have modifications done to your knife, outside of our shop, and the modifications adversely affect the integrity and/or performance of your knife, causing it to fail, then it should be noted that "OUR" warranty will not cover "YOUR" modifications. We will, however, continue to cover the parts of your knife that are left unaffected by your modification. For example: If you have mastodon ivory grips put on your Steel Heart II by someone outside of our shop, then our warranty will continue to cover everything except the ivory grips. So be careful. BEFORE you have any modifications done to your knife, make sure that the person doing the modification will guarantee their workmanship. Busse Combat encourages extreme usage of our blades as they are without question "The Toughest Knives in the World".
    We have no rivals. You can use a Busse Combat knife as hard as you like and our warranty has you covered."

    "We are, likewise, the only manufacturer who guarantees our knives to ANY owner. You do not have to keep your receipt, or any of that other nonsense that is designed to frustrate the customer and make it difficult to make a warranty claim.

    Got a problem? We'll fix it! We have never, ever had an unsatisfied customer with a warranty issue."

    Why are Busse logos rarely visible on Busse knives?
    Historically, Busse Combat has supplied knives for military special units. In the special operations community, an unmarked blade is desired. The Basic Line has the Busse name on the handle, yet it is raised so it can easily be removed if necessary.

    What kind of coating do Busse blades receive?
    It is an epoxy coating with TFE in it. The current coating is a rough finish (commonly called wrinkle or crinkle finish) and is considerably more durable than a smooth finish. With use, the high spots smooth out slightly instead of just wearing off, this adds to the life of the finish. Generally speaking this finish started with the new Ergonomic (E) series of knives. There are, of course, exceptions to this."

    Lets keep this one going!
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    Dec 3, 2007
    Never saw this the first time around. Very cool.
  7. Huntsman Knife Co.

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Busse and Kin's really are the best. I know they may not be the best for everyone but when you consider the variables that make a great knife--toughness, edge holding, warranty, and ergonomics there is nothing else that comes close. I will never cease to be amazed by the quality and durability of busse and kins. Ive owned a KZ II, 2 Ratweilers, a Chopweiler, a DF, SOD, 2 Regulators, 3 RMD's, a S5CG and S5LE, 2 rodent solutions, a CGM9, a Custom shop M9, a Waki, and a scrapizashi and have been impressed with every single one. My DF, which is made out of a steel that shouldn't hold a candle to things like M4 and other super steels, will keep a shaving edge after 2 months of use. I can't say that about S30V after a week of carry, let alone after chopping wood and doing kitchen duty for a few months.

    Busse and kins heat treat, warranty, and dedication to function is what makes them so superior. Not to mention the great people running the show :) Big thanks to Busse and Co. for many wonderful knives that I have enjoyed using!
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    Looks like this one has moved too far down in the post list.

    Back up there!
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    Nov 10, 2010
    I never had the chance to see ALL this info in one spot, thank you everyone who brought things to the table. These really are the best damn knives out there.
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    May 27, 2007
    Busse... Can't bust 'em. ;D
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    Apr 25, 2010
    Cool stuff
  12. Micro-Bevel


    Apr 25, 2010
    Even more cool stuff
  13. Micro-Bevel


    Apr 25, 2010
    Can there be more cool stuff?
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    Apr 25, 2010
    There can!

    For laughs:

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    Sep 10, 2007
    Is it just me or did this just become a sticky? Fricken sweet thread eitherway, Makes me wanna go pointlessly abuse my Busses!
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    Another common misconception is that INFI is merely Latrobe A8 Modified. That's what the rumor is but the chemical content is different. INFI has been confirmed as being:
    V 0.36% Vanadium
    Cr 8.25% Chromium
    Fe 87.79% Iron
    Co 0.95% Cobalt
    Ni 0.74% Nickel
    Mo 1.3% Molybdenum
    C 0.5% Carbon
    N 0.11% Nitrogen
    Which adds up to be 100% and says nothing about Mn (Manganese) nor Si (Silicon).

    Latrobe's A8 mod is listed as:
    V 0.54%
    Cr 8.0%
    Fe ?
    Co ?
    Ni ?
    Mo 1.30%
    C 0.50%
    N ?
    + Si 0.95%
    + Mn 0.45%

    So the formulas are different and the assumption that INFI is not really a special steel- INFI is A8 Modified is erroneous.
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    Apr 17, 2010
    We will. We'll probably do some stupid stuff when the War Hawk comes :D
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    We've decided to stick this one as well for a while. We will try to consolidate all of this info into a more concise thread. Awesome job MicroBevel and thanks to all of those who have contributed so much great info. to this thread. :thumbup:

    Let's Drink!!!:thumbup:

    Jerry :D

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    Apr 17, 2010
    I use my NMSFNO as a thrower from time to time (works pretty good), but we all have throws that get away from us. Here's the tip of it after it hit the side of a cinder block failry hard.

    Not a whole lot happened.

    Got to love INFI :thumbup:

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    Jan 21, 2008
    So, uh damage from skinning sheet metal from a car, cinder blocks, and drying a car door open would be covered by Busse warranty?

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