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Protech Les George Autos - full set


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Dec 1, 2007
Terms of sale: PPGS only, USPS Priority Mail shipping only. Fees included in costs. No trades, and I may refuse to do business with anyone at my own discretion. Buyers with good feedback/paid memberships are preferred!

Here is a set of carried/used Les George autos from Protech. These are all the Les George Protech autos I know of, so unless I’m missing something this is a full set.

I am the first owner of all of these and they were all bought from authorized dealers. I only have Protech baggies, no boxes or paperwork.

The Rockeye is a PVK exclusive with 3V blade in smoky gray. Only carried a few times and maybe used it once. Pretty much new except for clip and blade coating wear.

The SBR is the vanilla version with stoneground finish and S35VN blade. I used this knife for about two years and it cut a lot of tape, zip ties, and cardboard. Other than finish wear and a few dings in the handle you wouldn’t suspect it. Still fires hard, locks up tight, and has a decent edge on it, gently maintained over the years with a ceramic rod.

The Auto Eagle was a Wilson Combat exclusive. It is the auto version of the Eagle framelock, another Wilson Combat exclusive. Super cool look and way better blade/handle ratio than the Rockeye despite being nearly identical in overall length. Blade is still decently sharp and has been gently maintained with a ceramic rod. Blade and handle have wear marks. Fires hard and locks up tight, but does have a little side to side play.

The price this for this set is $400. I paid over $650 for all three, new. I am not going to split them up. This might be the only Auto Eagle you ever find for sale, so good luck!