Question about Lightsaber !

Oct 16, 1998
Hello everybody.

I got a very important question for all the experts around here.
Is a lightsaber should be considered as a folder or a fixed blade and how could I sharp mine ?

Best regards from Tatooine,
Folder with an integral lock. To sharpen mine I use a device similar to what the Predator uses in the movies. Its a modified tuning fork.

Additional points to remember:

1. Accidental openings in the pocket are not your friend with the lightsaber.

2. A lightsaber is not designed to be shaving sharp, so don't test it on your forearm. Use your wife's forearm.

3. As with knives, the $30 knockoff you can buy at Wally World is almost as good as a real lightsaber. NOT.

4. Lightsabers are the perfect self-defense weapon for California, where the blade on a folder can be any length. Somebody call Jim March.
Can I get that in a 10 weave G10 with anodized titanium liners.
Also I was thinking rolling lock vs integral.

As for sharpening, I believe it is much like the Boye Dendritic stuff, in that with use and wear it just seems to cut better, although an occasional swipe across a BG's back side should rehone the edge....

BTW, do you think the Trailmaster or the Busse Battle Mistress would be competitive with this model? How much weight could it stand at the blade/handle juncture and how would you test it.
I'm sure Lynn would have a hard time writing a riposte against this model.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

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My lightsabre is one of the older models so its (I *think*) 5" shorter than the newer (within 2 years) versions. However it still is significantly longer than the Busse or Trailmaster and it has a 1.5 g watt power source (I think the new ones are 2.7) , so a side by side review is a bit unfair. I can include it in a review if there is interest though. Bending it it pretty much next to impossible as it just cuts though whatever you try to brace it against. I guess if I had another lightsabre I could use that as a vice of sorts. Nemo send me yours and I'll bring them over to the materials engn. section of the university and do a yeild strength test.

Cliff, they have an integral lock now?
I guess mine was one of the first production run models, and it was a slip joint.

You had to wear asbestos fingered gloves just to open the damn thing; and you don't even want to ask me what happened the time it closed accidently.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
Sorry, I should have mentioned that mine was a slip joint as well but it would fold too easily and I found it really annoying so I had Johnny Stout convert it to an integral lock. I was kicking myself shorly after doing that modification for not getting two. I could have had Stout make a really wicked Muskrat folder out of two of them combinded. Who do you think gave Lucas that idea for the new flic?


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Funny stuff guys, but beware ILM(TM) and 20th Century Fox(TM). Best put a TM after the name of the blade, those guys are bears about copyright infringement.

Seriously. I am not kidding. I have seen Chinese MT knockoffs that are more forgiving. Mad Dog would rather dream about making a folder than Lucasfilm(TM) would dream about letting any form of copyright infringement slide

And yes, I read that Mad Dog folder post, and I think we have a better chance of seeing the LightSaber(TM) first.


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I've always sharpened mine by replacing the dilithium crystals. Titanium liners can't be used because they cause a dilectric interference which could result in a sub-fusional reaction. In your pocket. Ouch!

James, different version. The edge retention on those Lightsabers (TM) is really poor, its only about 10 times that of Talonite. They are obviously production grade models and the difference is obvious. Mine was handmade and one out of a batch of I think 20.

Ron, they are using Trilithium now. You can get an upgrade but the last time I checked its only like 50% more for a totally new one and if you are on dilithium I would bet that you have the shorter beam as well. Just get the newer model. Besides more power the Trilithium gives you the option of multiple beam lengths which is really nice. The new ones are a bit pricy though which is why I wish I bought a few of the older models as most dealers have trade-in offers.

I was told that Jedi Masters were the only ones who could properly sharpen them. I also heard that Lynn T. stated his Trailmaster could out chop it! The light saber only severed 6 Alderanian hemp ropes
They really need to work on the ergonomics of those things. Those of you who have one, you know what I mean. It's difficult to get a two handed grip on the thing. I dropped the damned thing in the garage while cutting 6 by 6 treated posts for my deck; next thing I know I've got a hole through the foundation and some busted pipes. I thought they were supposed to retract quickly when dropped. Maybe some warrantied tune-up action is in order. My Blaster (TM) is on the fritz too. I took it hunting for spring gobblers and ended up taking out my buddy's Jeep. Probably just the scope's off.


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The version I have is an OTF opener. Not as fast as the MT stuff, but fills a need. I think Mike Turber is trying for the exlusive on ditribution.

Still waiting for the double bladed version that Benchmade promised last year.

Tknife, if a lightsabre only severed 6 of the ropes, either they are reinforced, its a rip-off, or who was ever using it simply forgot to turn it on. Mine can cut a freehanding railroad spike and only produces a 5 angle arc on the remaining piece. Note however, I have narrowed the beam on mine after consulting with Joe Talmadge to give better slicing performance. A standard version would produce a bigger arc but will still cut the spike. A LucasSabre (TM) will send the remaining uncut peice of iron swinging and if you are close to it, it will wrap completely around whatever you have it tied on and smack you in the back of the head (speaking from experience).

Professor, you must have a stiff one. Mine used to collapse as soon as I loosened my grip. Now that I have it converted it stays open until I close it manually. Yeah I know there are drawbacks to this but I like the security. As for handle ergonomics, one word - Dremel. However watch the power supply. The handle shielding on the older models is only 1/4" thick, the newer ones are at least 3/16". Can't help you on the Blaster, sorry. Have been unable to find one myself.

Mine is starting to flicker in a really annoying way and it barely cuts through artillery pieces anymore! Can anybody post a link for a source of spare Flux Capacitors? (Early version only please)
When is Victorinox coming out with the new SALS? I've heard they're having problems with the corkscrew and screwdriver functions.

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Ken, that sounds like an alignment problem more than anything else. Go to the nearest univerity and put the blade under the influence of a strong electromagnetic field. Ask for anyone doing work with superconductors.

I must admit that sharpening is a b*tch. I put mine to my sharpmaker and it just destroyed the ceramic sticks!! Tried my gatco and same thing.
Another thing that I noticed is that mine lacks a lanyard hole. Do any of your models have it? Should I send mine back to the manufacturer for replacement?
Oh yeah, I plan to keep mine under the drivers seat of my car. (Never know when you might get carjacked) Do you think rust is a problem? Cuz I'd hate to have to clean rust off the thing. That last time I tried cleaning the blade with zippo fluid, the fluid just burned up before I could rub it around!! NOTE: When attempting to clean with lighter fluid, only use small squirts at a time. DO NOT try sqeezing half the container onto the blade!!! I'm sure most of you have seen Die Hard and you know what happened to that plane.

I'll be taking orders for cusomized handles on these in the near future. Older models only, I haven't got drivers for those new Alderian hepta-head screws they're using. Guess they don't want Jedi taking them apart and then sending them to the factory in a baggie with a "please re-assemble" note. Voids the warranty, too, but don't worry - I know what I'm doing.

Initially I'm planning milled duralumin with dymondwood inserts, but maybe titanium and adamantium in the future. Gotta see how the old Sears 2" x 72" holds up. Still looking for somewhere to fit in a little filework. Lemme know what you need and expect a 4-6 week delay.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Maybe I need the new CAMP version. I was skinning this Wamp Rat and kept smoking the pelt due to the ergonomics being more refined for a combat grip instead of general utility and outdoorsy stuff.