Question for members!

Dec 20, 1998
BladeForums has given me every dealer I've used, as this is the only Knife info site I visit. Banner ads, Links, and postings from other members.


Oct 15, 1998
I have 202 sites in my favorites folder with 5 subfolders. I have 18 pages that are just lists of links.
Most come from here or are mentioned here and I've done a search. Ive hit every banner add. I use meta-crawler as search engine. I also hit every members page if they have one.


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Oct 14, 1998
My perspective is somewhat restricted, you know, knifenut on a budget.

Local dealers:

All local dealers I have found through either word of mouth or just happened to drive by and spotted them. The word of mouth for a couple of local dealers came through BladeForums community forum.

Internet dealers:

Before BladeForums I used search engines a lot and still do sometimes. More often I use either the BladeForums links or special offerings by dealers posted on BladeForums. Any dealer who does a knife giveaway automatically gets my attention. If the dealers doing the giveaways get positive comments on the Good, Bad & Ugly, they stay near the top of my list.

I use Bookmarks for my favorite dealers. I have too many bookmarks to list here

I haven't got the budget for custom knives yet, but by the time I do (after kids college expenses) I will know who to go to because of BladeForums.

My other internet sources are rec.knives and knifeforums. I monitor both of them regularly.

Knife & Gun shows:

I find these invaluable in finding and handling knives. The crowds are a bit of a hassle, but the hands-on time and meeting some of the dealers in person is worth a little hassle.

Before I buy any over $100 regular carry knife, I have to handle it. This restricts my higher dollar purchases to local purchase, gun & knife shows or internet dealers who will take back a knife you are not satisfied with out of the box. Any dealer who won't take back a knife doesn't get my business.

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Jan 22, 1999
Roughly, in order of frequency:
- word of mouth
- BF banner ads
- BF links page



Jul 17, 1999
Initially, I used Yahoo to find dealers.Now that I have found BladeForums.Com, I get most leads from banner ads and from other forumites.I also scan "The Good,The Bad, and The Ugly" on a regular basis.This way I get "pre-tested" dealers!Only rarely do I find a new dealer through local word of mouth.

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Jan 31, 1999
Found most dealers through BF links and word of post by BF members. Ditto for custom makers.

It pays for knife makers, manufacturers and dealers to have a prescence in BF.


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Aug 18, 1999
I used to use a search engine to find dealers and knife information until I discovered BF. Without a doubt BF links have been incredibly helpful and I rarely have to resort to a search engine. The most recent knife I bought was through a link posted in BF from a dealer I've never heard of before.

And it's a dandy little neck knife at a great price!

I only have a limited amount of time to indulge in knife envy. Why should I spend my time surfing the net when BF provides all the links I can handle given the time I have?


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Aug 16, 1999
I used HOTBOT to find Arizona Custom Knife. From their links I found BF. From BF's links I found debt I never thought possible. Damn credit cards!


Jun 30, 1999
As a fairly new member, I didn't list the BF links because I haven't used them much. After checking them out, it seems to me that even though they don't [yet]compare to a search engine or even the IKD in terms of quantity, the BF links have features which probably make them the best choice. There is a short description, which is helpful, and the ratings, once enough responses are in to give some statistical reliability, would be really helpful. I'm going to refer to these links more often from now on, but I wish they had some more publicity. The more they're used the better they'll be;the better they'll be the more they'll be used. I hope that's a cycle and not a catch 22.
Oct 8, 1999
I got the link for from which I found using the Glock Webring which I found using a search engine. Even though my first purchase wasn't from a retailer on bladeforums, the info in general knife discussion, knife reviews, and various manufacturers forums helped me make my decision to purchase a quality knife rather than sticking to the $20 knives. I'll make more purchases in the future and it will likely be from a retailer/manufacturer on Bladeforums.
Jun 15, 1999
981 search engine. I used to be a really big Altavista fan (still am) but I really like Northernlight - not many people know about it. Give it a shot. I tried it and compared it to Altavista. After 2 years, I changed my startup page to something other than Altavista, thou I use it 2nd most. Oh, I found bladeforums due to the newsgroups, someone tipped me off. Since, i've found most my knife stuff, if not all of it, up here. Think it was himmalayan products I found with Northernlight and found a few with altavista and Metacrawler

Yahoo Sucks IMO.
Jul 20, 1999

Speaking of search engines, I have been using and like it a lot.

It uses several engines at the same time, such as altavista, infoseek and others I cant think of right now.
May 25, 1999
Started with AltaVista searches until I found BF.

Now exclusive consideration based on recommendations from 'Good, Bad, Ugly' and BF Links/Banners.
Aug 2, 1999
Search engines initially; primarily Infoseek, since I like being able to narrow the field by performing secondary searches of the results.

Now I've found BladeForums, and what the members have to say has a definite influence on where I spend my hard-earned money.
Jul 7, 1999
I've just started surfing the net for dealers and am using the links, banners and recommandations from members here at BF. Never ordered a knife over the net before I ordered a Busse #9 from the BF Store. Now I'm looking for a Military and hopefully will be getting a WWIII. The info from this site is extremely helpfull with who to deal with, as I'm not the most trusting person and like to know who I'm dealing with and refercenses if possible.
Sep 6, 1999
Bladeforums links or via the search engines.


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Jul 15, 1999

I use BF Banners and links to poke around and see what different dealers have to offer - their variety or specialities - and manufacturer offerings.

And "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" forum has good info, especially where a dealer/manufacturer has worked with a customer to resolve a problem. Always interesting to see the mechanics of Customer Service in action.

And, along that line, it's a MAJOR factor in my book if a dealer/manufacturer frequents the forums, or is a forum sponsor. Shows a level of commitment and responsibility to the knife knuts here.

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