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Questionaire... please read.

I have a large kukri and a kukri-like "bolo", several machetes of different types, and a hardwood cane with 18" blade inside. All are interesting tools in their own areas!
I have handled all except for the billhook and the rattan cane. The only one of these tools that I use frequently (or currently own) is the khukuri (several HIs, one Gurkha House and a CS LTC). I’ve found that variations on the khukuri format can accomplish most of the cutting/chopping chores I encounter much better than most other large knives…

I own a HI khukuri and an Ontario machete. I've heard of the others but have no interest in them.

Bruce Woodbury
I have a CS LTC Kukri, a factory second I bought for only $59. One of the best bargains out there. It's like a 12" long razor. Probably one of the sharpest knives I own. It's heavy enough at right around 1 pound, but not too much to wear you out with lots of use. I'm sure it's not in the same category as the HI's, but at $200 cheaper, so what.
H.I. 18" Ang Khola.My absolute all time favorite of any and all knives I have ever had.I could write a book on how I feel about this one!!

H.I. 15" Ang Khola belongs to my wife.

Hanuman with WW II blade very useable,but for defense use only as long as I have possesion.

H.I. Dhankuta village model @ 16"
lighter,but still a good chopper and brush cutter.

H.I. 15" Sirupati on its way.

CS LTC that I still like and has bit me several times.Beats the hell out of my old
Collins machete.

CS Trailmaster I used to think was a good chopper.

I have and have used an old Marine Bolo,Pretty useless except for splitting kindling.

I also have an old Lamb Splitter cleaver that fits in here and it is as good as the CS LTC.

I have a Pennsylvania wild cherry walking stick I made and

An Oklahoma River Cane walking stick that is covered with rattlesnake and is also a six hole Indin Flute.
I use this one almost exclusively.
I made this on too.

Used a Barong when I was too young to make an evaluation. I just thought it was kewl at the time

The others I don't know anything about.


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I have a CS LTC and ATC kukri, ATC is discontinued. They are great. I also have two Collins Machetes don't use them. I have heard of all those Items that you listed looked at most of them insept for woodsman pal forgot what that was.

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Museum replicas sell diamondwood staffs in four and five foot lengths, and in a variety of colors.

I've got a four footer in cherrywood, kinda maroon or something. Nice staff. I bought a endcap for a cane for one end and actualy walk around with it from time to time. Doesn't draw much attention, but I could really wallop someone with it.
I`ve used machettes for years,I still have my trusty old Ontario 18" and a Gavilan 26". I also have a smaller one whose profile is really more like a parong. The two bigger ones are great for light chopping and brush clearing but they tend to stick and or deflect on heavy stuff. For heavier stuff I have a GH Bhojpure khukuri (a great deal for $79!) among other things. This sucker really throws the woodchips.
I also have a hickory walking staff for strolls through the woods and a sturdy hand carved cane for those days when the ol knee acts up. Marcus
I want a machete sized battle mistress for my banana and bamboo plants. They would quiver in fear when they saw me coming with that in hand.