Quickest Opening Technique

May 13, 2001
I was just wondering what everyones quickest opening technique is. Right now for me its the latch drop. I can usually beat my friends switch with it.
Originally posted by BalisongBoy
I was just wondering what everyones[sic] quickest opening technique is. Right now for me its[sic] the latch drop. I can usually beat my friends[sic] switch with it.
I use a 1/2 horizontal opening with simultaneous thrust. It stabs/cuts on the opening.
Latch drop.

Im really interested to hear Clays and MacCanine's answer to this.
Latch drop for me. Definitely. Also heard it called "the silent drop". Sure ain't silent with my rickety ol 259!
Reverse drop into a reverse icepick grip...........bust the latch coming out of the horizontal belt sheath and it almost 'opens by itself';).
I've got the forward grip Windmill super fast at this point in my life.

The Backhand Windmill (backward) is right up there as well. I think can do both of those as fast, or faster than a latch drop.
Either a latch drop,a windmill,or even a side flip out opening have got to be the quickest openings I know of,but then again I don't know much.;)
Windmill. You don't have to bother about the safe handle or anything, either handle is ok. :)
I am consistently fast with a latch drop but it's not my fastest opening. I open it fastest with a windmill done sideways, but it's not always the fastest.
The latch drop has gotta be the quickest opening from a closed latched position.
Because even a windmill you have to unlatch the bali from a closed icepick grip,then flip it up to the hatchet grip,then do the windmill opening.This is assuming that that you have a nice tight latch that takes a thumb to open it,which most of mine do,and can't be squeezed unlatched.It's too awkward to unlatch my balis' with my pinky or ring finger,so I always use my thumb to unlatch my bali's beore I start manipulations.
With a latch drop all you do is hold it in a closed icepick grip,flip the latch with your thumb,hold on to it and drop downward,boom it's open.
I can't think of an easier,quicker opening from a closed latch position.
My fastest are the forward & ice pick windmills,and the latch drop.
I also do what I've heard of as a "traditional opening",which is a very quick snap that brings the bite handle counterclockwise over the hand and then is popped into the open position just as quickly.I don't remember what this one is called though.But,I've gotten it to be just as fast as the latch drop.