Plus...adding to ProGunner's argument...it's just FUN to stalk those GWs.

If they were all up at once, it really wouldn't be as much FUN.

PG's basic argument is really irrefutable -- it's Skunk's investment, Skunk's risk, therefore we play by Skunk's rules.:thumbup:

That won't stop me from trying to help my colleagues, of course.
I paid $160 for my Skeleton Warden, shipped. Thanks again to Jdunks! Isn't that store cost with shipping?
That's the store cost...without shipping (well, $157.00 was the base price I paid from the store).

Jdunks qualifies as -- a Giver!
Alijandrino if you're still looking for a skeleton warden send me a PM. I'll be in and out for the next day or so but I have an extra skellie kicking around.