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R.O. Easler, GTrout, Coogler and more!

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Jan 22, 2006
Coogler Claw Titainum Necker with kydex sheath $95 Sold

Coogler HAK, size 4.37 in S30V with all the goodies! $175 TRADED
back up with some price reductions! i will also split the sets!
back up, i have replied to all emails at the addresses on file with bladeforums, maybe mail is not working again? if you have not gotten a reply, please email me at danyager at comcast dot net
the large G Trout is 9 3/4" oal, blade is 5". the steel is ats34 IIRC.
I have an Easler folder (different model) and it VERY well made with great fit/finish. In my opinion, he is an underated maker with reasonable prices who tends keeps a lower profile.
These look like wonderful knives... good luck! :)